Sunday Post ~ Ready for Spring Break

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I reached a frustration point this week. Next week we send the yearbook off for publication and there are still 16 unfinished pages. At this point, I’m not caring so much how those pages look considering most of them (like football and robotics) should have been 100% done by December 1, and the others were the abandoned pages from the students who quit once I required them to actually work on their pages.

My students are in the middle of an extensive PBL unit, which is a district initiative, and due to other scheduling issues, we’ve had to change the presentation dates three times, which does not make district folks happy. On Thursday we found out there might be another thing we have to do in ELA classes (that could be done in science or social studies, since they are non-tested subjects this year) and I did huff about it that we’ve already changed these dates three times and it needed to wait until April.

My middle brother, JB (aka the nice one), turned 20 on Friday. He is still stationed in Hawaii, so it is hard.


In other news, the man finally went looking for the second clue. I left the first on his bathroom mirror over a month ago. He has the second one. There’s only one more (on the back of his Declaration of Independence) before it leads him back to me for the final clue. I’m dying for him to finish finding them. Correction: The clues went up January 17. See why I’m dying?

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Click here to read the story of my great-grandmother and grandmother’s kitchen, and other tales from Sassy Sissy Bear, like all my treks through Clueless Forest, the real story behind the end of my engagement, and some notes from Baby — and pictures!

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I did select several ebooks, which were added to my TBR Jar!

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 A topic that has been getting more exposure in recent years (particularly the last three) is one that is near and dear to my heart: mental health. I have a sprinkling of friends and family members who suffer from a variety of things in this spectrum, and I have talked openly about my cousin’s suicide a few times on the blog. The Honest Bookclub shared a post about 10 YA Books that Raise Mental Health Awareness. I encourage you to go check them out.

Nicole recently experienced something I have struggled with over the years since I started blogging. What is the line between being inspired by another blog or post, and copying? She details her experience in the post. I have experienced this on both ends, and just like Nicole, I get that sinking feeling.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Ready for Spring Break

  1. I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I found all the clues…cannot blame you for dying. Isn’t volunteering wonderful..I feel you. I was a PTA mom, and lead many a function. Hang in there!

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