Reviews: My Dos and Don’ts

What are your thoughts on being asked to remove a review? Check out Kristine’s experience.

The Writer's Inkwell

SignatureBefore you assume this is going to be a blog post about how you should write your reviews, take a deep breath. This post has nothing to do with how anyone else reviews. It’s strictly a clarification on how I handle my reviews.

Apparently, it’s become common practice for active reviews to be asked at least once to remove their review from Amazon or Goodreads. I have only been actively reviewing outside of Goodreads since August/September of last year. So I wasn’t aware of how often this occurs. But I wasn’t oblivious to the fact it happens. I’m familiar with posts about authors behaving badly and how some authors, such as Cassandra Claire have even gone so far as to stalk someone who has posted a negative review of their work. This kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated and is completely inexcusable. I know and understand exactly how much hard…

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2 thoughts on “Reviews: My Dos and Don’ts

  1. Whoa, that’s kind of crazy! I don’t write reviews anymore but I can’t imagine having an author asking me to remove one that I’ve written in the past. I can see if the reviewer was trash talking the author personally, but otherwise authors should not be doing this-really bad form!

  2. This was a great read. I agree that it’s really poor taste and a bit unprofessional for authors to treat reviewers this way. Unless someone is saying slanderous things about the authors themselves or using personal attacks, it’s really not needed. If you get a poor review, you should be more interested in taking into account what it was that that person didn’t enjoy about your book, that way you’ll have some feedback for any future books. Don’t get all bent out of shape about it, turn it into a positive. That’s just me though!

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