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February has come and gone! And with it I am a year older, and Lordy, but I’m feeling it! In February I learned who my friends are and also that I am allergic to all the things.

Since late December (December 23 to be exact) I have been in a reading life slump. It has been a serious struggle getting it together after taking on Yearbook in January. Who in the hell let me make that decision!? Yearbook=I have no life. February was rough after so many staff members (which is really pushing the definition of staff) quit, and my remaining kids were working like crazies.

I also found out I am losing my partner. 😦 Her transfer down to elementary went through, and it’s really happening. Right now it doesn’t seem real, but at the end of the year I am going to bawl and lose it.

Lastly, I finally got on the TBR Jar. It is no longer a thought in my head – it is a reality. Here is what it looked like as of Monday night! More to come soon!


February Reviews

February was a little bit slow. Life slump and all.

February Reads

Noteworthy Posts

1,234 views in February.

How I’ve Changed as a Reader was a very popular post that garnered several responses.

Not Always Happenstance shared the spotlight with Historical Settings I Love and Skylines Cover Characteristics.

Archiving Interviews & Guest Posts was also received great responses. As a result, I did away with the Guests tab entirely! Why do double duty?

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Challenge Updates

March Reads

March is going to be on!

10 thoughts on “February Chit Chat

  1. I tried to make a TBR jar, but it ended up being two ziploc bags. One is for my “priority to-read,” which includes Netgalley, author sent books, etc. The other is my “fun-to-read,” which is all the other books I plan to read. I only put in the next one in each series, not every book in the series, because I didn’t want to draw one that I couldn’t read yet. Now, if I could get done with the 8 library books I have checked out and the books I have to read for tours this month, maybe I can move onto drawing something from one of those bags!

    Hope things improve for you soon 🙂

    • That’s a good idea! Knowing which titles I put in, and which categories they go in, I have some choice in picking my strips out. I didn’t put in a strip for each book in a series, just one with the series name, and I’ll have to read the next two books from where I left off. Then I put the strip back in!

      • That’s a great way to deal with series. I should have done it like that so I wouldn’t have to make a new slip each time I get one done.

  2. You made good progress on your challenges, yay! And your March TBR list looks interesting-good luck with your reading goals!

  3. I’m sorry about your life slump. I can relate. I’ve been having a hard time focusing and getting things done for a couple of months now, too.

    The TBR Jar is such a wonderful idea in theory, and I love the way it looks. But I know myself too well — I would not use it. I tend to be a mood reader except when I have to read something for a tour or whatever. So I’m better off with a list where I can choose between several different genres. 🙂

    • I’ve started to become a somewhat mood reader (I never was before). I tried all last year with a list…and I started making new lists. It didn’t work out well. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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