Sunday Post ~ The Week of Crazy

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Life is kind of crappy right around now. We have a million things going on at school and things just keep piling on. It’s a bit of a nightmare. Ironically, I’m ready for STAAR because it signifies the true downward slope and drop-off of the year.

On the birthday front, I’d just like to say that my “friends” are Debbie downer party pooper peanut butts.  Only one showed up for my birthday outing – and she drove 2 hours to be there. The man was really disappointed – and to be honest, bored – with the outcome. I know it also bothered him because he pushed for me to “do” something for my birthday…and that happened. Some other weird things happened this week, and I’ll leave it at this: I know there is somewhere else I belong. I just don’t know what or where yet.

Credit: austin.culturemap

Have you been outside today? Oh, I’m allergic to you! After meeting with the allergist, she confirmed I am allergic to essentially every grass, weed, and tree in Central Texas. No joke. I’m on an antihistamine, Flonase, and Singulair. After much discussion with the man, and the fact that the last time he seeded his backyard it was with one of the grasses I am most reactive to, I will be getting allergy shots. After my deductible, it’s about $100 to mix the serum and about $8 per shot, so it’s not going to break the bank.

Thursday I spent the afternoon and evening freezing into one solid walking ice cube while photographing the track meet. I also stole blankets from my 8th grader babies – my first group of students. I was there so long I killed 5 cameras, so we should have plenty of photos for the yearbook!

In December I said I was going to get back to my writing…and it is now basically March and there has been zilch movement on the front. I have found another way to keep my writing more together than saving files on my computer, so hopefully this crazy train gets off the ground soon.

No more putting off my TBR Jar!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Week of Crazy

  1. That’s too bad about your birthday outing but hopefully you still had a good day! I’ll be curious to see what you think of the allergy shots. I’m allergic to just about everything outside as well and have been considering them but am a big chicken and want basically a signed statement that they will really work. Have a great week!

    • The allergy shots aren’t a cure, but my allergist told me 1% of those who get the shots don’t see a difference. I was talking with my co-teacher about it, and her son (who is now 8) had allergy shots when he was younger. They didn’t go through the full process and finish all the shots, but she said he has no problems now with allergies. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Aw, what the hell? That stinks about your birthday. But what a good friend to drive all that way for you. Ugh, the dreaded allergies. Hope the shots help.

  3. Did some of your friends say they were going to come and then didn’t show? I’m sorry that was such a doozy, but at least one person wanted to spend time with you!!
    Allergies suck. That is all. I hope your shots will make it easier to be able to be outside.
    And I hope you got some great photos for the yearbook, even if you were cold!
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    • Yes, they all said they were on board. The day of I had an allergic reaction and took an unplanned shower right before, so I sent messages to everyone that we would be a little bit late for that reason. The “Sorry I can’t make it” sob stories rolled in. Everyone but one made it about the cost: $20/person for indoor racing. That’s the price of dinner. And then I saw two of those people who had the biggest complaints about finances posting things throughout the week on Facebook out at restaurants and drinking several nights last week.

  4. Wow, yes you had a crappy week.So sorry your friends couldn’t make it to your birthday outing and that your are having allergy issues-hopefully the shots help. Despite freezing it does sound like the photography session was successful. I am going to hope that this week brings good things!! Happy Birthday 🙂

  5. Sorry your week wasn’t the best. My week wasn’t that great, either. My sleep apnea is kicking my butt.

    Maybe once summer gets here, you’ll have more time to write and read. I hope this week is better for you 🙂

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