Thoughts on Thursday: Archiving Interviews & Guest Posts



Do You Archive Interviews & Guest Posts?


Recently I’ve been wondering if that tab up top titled GUESTS is even necessary. It is a collection of the author interviews and guest posts that there have been over the years on the blog.

I have manually entered and updated this list as the years have gone on, and I’m afraid I have missed a few here and there since there was a long stretch that I ignored this little corner of the blog.

My dilemma is this: do I even need this? Do you guys have a tab for your guests on the blog?

If each of these items is categorized by either the “author guest post” or “author interview” categories, what is the point of having them in a tab up top? I’m wanting to clean that space up a little and make it more functional for myself as well as users.

What do you guys think?


Do you archive interviews and guest posts?

If so, how do you make this archive work for you?

Do I need to keep this tab up top?

15 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Archiving Interviews & Guest Posts

  1. I don’t do guest interviews on my blog, but with my old blog I did periodically go through and clean things up and deleted old posts for memes and giveaways, readathons etc. You already have post archives and categories menus on your sidebar, I wouldn’t think you’d have to do anything further than that 🙂

  2. I think it’s always good to archive/have tabs for any particular section of your blog! I don’t have this but I want to add tabs for certain categories!

  3. I do not have one. I have it in categories, but that’s in a totally different part of my page. I feel like people probably won’t be specifically coming to look for a guest post, and on the off chance that they DID, it would be in the categories section still. I don’t know how it works with, but with Blogger and self-hosted, you can add a search function. That could be a good way to eliminate some of the things you might not see being used on a regular basis, because people could just search for whatever they want. So yeah, you’d be fine to take it off 😀

  4. I have them, but they’re part of the drop-down menu that includes all my different features. I wouldn’t get rid of them totally; maybe just hide them a little.

  5. I actually don’t do interviews or guest posts on my blog, but I think I’d want to keep them somewhere. Because you worked on the questions for the interviews, and authors worked on giving you answers, or a full guest post.
    I have drop-down menus in my top menu bar, so that I don’t have too many buttons, but rather categories in one item. Good luck 🙂

  6. I barely ever do interviews on my blog and I think I can count the guest posts I’ve had over 5 years on one hand. xD So yeah! I don’t have a tab for it. 😛 I keep tabs for strictly things I think people would want to find in a hurry or be interested in; like about pages or review archives (although I haven’t sorted mine out yet, hehe) or links to other social media sites. *nods* Decluttering is definitely awesome. ;D Also I second Lexxie with the drop-down menus being really handy if you want to keep all the buttons but don’t want it looking cluttered!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  7. I am absolutely terrible about archiving and keeping track of tabs. Like ridiculously terrible. Sorry I am no help here at all! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!

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