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January was dragging ass. I don’t know any better way to describe it, and that’s why this post is so late. I’m just ready for something new, a change of scenery, a different pace, and the man is totally supporting me on it. I want to do my time to get my student loan forgiveness and then find something else. I also discovered recently as a Texas public educator that we do not pay into Social Security, so if I ever needed disability leave, I’m beyond SOL. They’ll find I stopped paying in as a college student. And honestly, TRS is not truly retirement, so I’ll be screwed in 40-50 years there, too. The things they don’t tell you in student teaching…

The month chugged along for the man and I. He is taking care of the hot mess from his ex (who is rearing her raging, ugly head) and things just look worse and worse for her if this ever goes any further than the attorney. However, that’s not holding him back with Baby and me. He is loving on her like no tomorrow, and we have our time together. I am the most relaxed in this relationship out of all of them, and it’s easy to be with him. I can truly be me and there aren’t parts I have to keep to myself. I am truly enjoying everything I have with him.

In January, my baby brother turned 16 and this happened…


A photo of me feeding my older cousin (who committed suicide in 2011) resurfaced in January, and this represents everything about our relationship. He has been on my mind these last few months because there’s a backstory. When he died, I was dating the man at the time. We separated a few months after, and the man shares the same first name with my cousin. I was with him the night my cousin died, and he got me together and took me home. All these connections and memories have weighed on my heart heavily throughout January, and I miss that grinning face so much.


My coworkers also got to meet Baby! We happened to be visiting another middle school near the man’s house, so I left her there and picked her up after the school visit. She loved it! The attentions!


January Reviews

January was a little slow in the review realm, but I’m OK with that!


January Reads

January I had ennui. I’m pretty sure it’s not a book hangover. It’s a solid slump. Still. At this point I don’t even know.

Noteworthy Posts

1664 views in January – third highest monthly views to date.

How I’ve Changed as a Reader was a very popular post that garnered several responses.

Not Always Happenstance shared the spotlight with Historical Settings I Love and Skylines Cover Characteristics.

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9 thoughts on “January Chit Chat

  1. Danny and I like your personal stories, even when they are kinda sad. Danny suggested that I write something because he said a simple “like” would not suffice this time.

  2. So sorry to hear about your cousin. I’ve never been through anything quite like that, but I know what it feels like to lose a loved one. The loss stays with you; it never goes away completely.

    Before I lost my job, I was in a bit of a slump. I was burned out on dealing with students. Ironic, isn’t it? That when I was thinking I’m so tired of doing this, that’s when my department decides to contract someone else for the job. Of course, I wouldn’t have left if it had been up to me.

    I hope your slump improves. Keep your chin up 🙂

    • Thanks, JP! He’s always on my mind, but much more in the forefront recently. Ironically, folks keep leaving my school in droves. The truth is if you’re not burned out from your students, you’re burned out from admin. I’m just gonna keep swimming…just keep swimming…

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