Feature Follow Friday ~ February 12, 2016

Feature & Follow is a blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The goal of Feature & Follow is to meet new bloggers, make friends, and gain readers.

Why I Started Blogging

Get ready for the down and dirty. And I do mean dirty. Like, backstabbing scumbag bitch dirty.

How’s that for the beginning of a blog?

Alright, on with it. I started blogging because a friend of my former fiancé recommended it. It was more of a co-blogging set up. I wrote reviews for her blog but I really didn’t get the credit for it. Not so much. It wasn’t a true co-blogging relationship because she was still in charge of everything. Basically, I just supplied additional content. We had vastly different reading styles, so I didn’t even speak to the audience she had built up. It was unsatisfying for me, although I didn’t really realize it at the time.

After a few months of that, she suggested I start my own blog. Best thing that “friend” ever did for me. So I did it. I started Girl of 1000 Wonders in January 2013. I had just graduated from college and it was the middle of the school year. There were no teaching jobs, so I subbed and nannied (for Miranda Lambert’s lead guitarist). Oh – and I sold my own bodily fluids for money. I have the scar to show for it, too.

I had extra time on my hands due to my strange nannying schedule and the availability of (sub) jobs, so I decided to go for it. I didn’t know what I was doing, and my friend wasn’t much help, so the beginning of my blog was a laughing stock. I didn’t really know anything about actually blogging, so it was a learning process.

Fast forward seven months or so, and this friend had stopped blogging in all that time, posting very sporadically (once a month, if that) and I received a VERY snotty email from her. Was I still committed to doing this blogging thing with her?  She hadn’t seen anything from me in months. Why hadn’t I sent any posts? There were several posts on my own blog.

See, that’s when my former fiancé and I first started having problems moved in with the (not so) future in-laws and I had no real communication from the man. Instead, guess who he was talking to? The friend. The married friend with a child. The married friend with a child who we’d helped move – twice. The married friend with a child who we’d helped move twice AND watched said child and helped them out with their apartment and ability to buy food because they were so beyond broke and had nothing to feed their child.

At the time I didn’t realize why she’d suddenly popped up out of nowhere (we had also moved, pretty far away). I definitely did not understand why she was so ugly to me. Now I know she was probably doing reconnaissance for the former fiancé. I also wrote this post over on my personal blog with a few other details about the story.

She had used me to further her own blog, and when I started spinning off in my own direction, she wanted to reign me back in.

I’m glad I’m not friends with her anymore.

Oh, and if you’re interested in knowing more you can read this post on my personal blog, and this one, oh and this one, too. And when the split eventually happened, the former fiancé went to live with her and her family, sleeping on a little tiny couch in a back bedroom. All the while she knew she was pregnant again and had pushed for the break up so they could charge him rent money (even though they lived in a rent house themselves, pretty sure you can’t do that) to have additional income. Screwy, right?

How did you get your start? 


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