Sunday Post ~ Epi Pens and Inconsiderateness

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First, before I forget. Again. I have started a blog that is more personal to pursue some of my writing dreams. I am slow getting it off the ground, but you might find some interesting things over there at Sassy Sissy Bear.

I was very surprised this week when I went into the pharmacy to pick up my monthly prescription that is fully covered by my insurance and the cashier said, “That’ll be $249.” I flipped my shit right then and there, because it’s been that kind of week. THEN she said, “Well, you do have an EPI Pen.” WHAT? I have an EPI Pen script without any diagnosis? I wasn’t too pleased with the allergist. I was called three days later.

CONFIRMED: I am highly allergic to avocado, as I have said since the first time I came into skin contact in high school. Based on the reaction then, I will go into anaphylactic shock if I ingest it. I am also highly allergic to cedar, and was told to come in throughout the year if I needed a shot because I will need it.  I also asked my mom if she’d ever seen me eat an orange as a child since the allergist was stunned when I told her I never had. My mom confirmed that I never ate an orange as a kid…because I’m allergic! There were a whole bunch of other things in the food panel, and I go back to the allergist on my birthday in February to have the environmental panel skin test done.

This week was full of inconsiderateness from others. I don’t know why in this day and age I am astounded by it as most people live the ME, ME, ME life. First, exes. Mine refused to respond all month about his final payment to clear our debt, so I paid it out of his account. The following morning I received a demanding text for his engagement ring back. Thursday I set up a date and time to meet. Saturday afternoon he finally responded that he wanted to exchange that day since he was busy on Sunday. UH, NO. I was in the middle of grading events for UIL and did not have it with me. He wanted to hang out and watch the football game, but that’s not my problem. If he cannot make arrangements then he can do without. It’s obviously not that important to him. I was inconvenienced for four years of my life – what should have been the best 4 years of my 20s. I’m not interested in hearing his moaning about being inconvenienced for one afternoon.

The man’s ex received the letter from the attorney. Instead of contacting him within five days, she left the vehicle in dispute at their work with an unattended firearm inside and one of the keys that could be accessed by anyone. She also had a shitty letter typed up and signed that threatened to pursue legal action with her attorney. If you had an attorney, he would have contacted the attorney who sent the letter. It wouldn’t have been sent on cheap copy paper with fragmented, incomplete sentences and punctuation and spelling errors. No attorney would put their name on that. In the letter that she signed, she stupidly admitted to committing two crimes as well as a plethora of threats and some things that call her mental capacity into question. I began going through all of the text messages between them over the last two years for any information that the man could use to present to his attorney. In 583 pages of text messages, I found several that will stand up in court if she continues to believe in this delusional world she has built for herself.

On Thursday my students took their unit test. I verify their name is on their test booklet and they have bubbled all answers on their scantron, so they must turn them into me and wait for confirmation. There were a lot of administrative things going on Thursday, so at times I would be responding to an email or sorting other documents and my kids were shoving their tests at me! Or, they would ask what to do with them. WAIT. WAIT A GODDAMN COTTON-PICKIN’ MINUTE. Lord have mercy. As the day went on, I became furious about this.

Yearbook is also driving me nutso. Not one single page is completed still. I now must submit the final to our principal on March 1, so my deadline has been cut by three weeks. Things are going to kick into overdrive this week. I am holding a mandatory meeting, as MANY of my staff have not been showing up. There will be attendance taken at each meeting. I am letting them know that their productivity and attendance will determine who is selected next year for yearbook staff and allowed into the exclusive yearbook class. I am done with the horseplay.

One of my Oral Reading girls placed at UIL, which was a hot fucking mess. The whole thing should have been disputed as they had parents judging events, not the appropriate number of judges for events, etc. It was a sideshow for sure, and I believe I am accepting the torch to be my school’s UIL Coordinator next school year. In two years my school will host the competition.

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23 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Epi Pens and Inconsiderateness

  1. Wow you had a WEEK! Hope things get better! I have an epi-pen too! If you go to their website, you can download the coupon and get it for free. Plus they will send you a super cool travel case for your device. I hope you never have to use it (seriously NOT FUN!).

    • After the coupon I still had to pay $139. I ordered the travel case. That’s so nice! I hope I don’t have to use it, but there are SO many restaurants (and being in Texas…) that do not listen when you say “NO guacamole, I’m allergic.”

      • Yes, so many places think that when people say I’m allergic, they are just saying that because they don’t like it. I’m allergic to onions and its nearly impossible to get people to actual listen and believe it. Good luck!!

      • I feel your pain! I’m allergic to pork. Try that in a restaurant without A.getting asked if I’m a Muslim and B.throwing in some bacon anyways because apparently, no chef knows the difference between basic kinds of meat. But crap on a stick, what a week! Don’t forget your ‘saying no more often’ new year’s resolution :).

  2. Oh my God. What a terrible mess of a week you had. I hope this week goes better. I had an ex-boyfriend who sounds a lot like your ex-husband. No consideration of others. I can empthaze with that.
    Hope you love your two new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Sorry that your week was so rough, Charlie. I’m on a script for my asthma and the price is astounding after the insurance. I guess it is a good thing I maxed my Flex Spending benefit for the year in anticipation of having to check back in with my pulmonologist frequently until they consider it managed.

    • They did send me for the lung testing for asthma. Every doctor’s appointment since I turned 18 – even with the same doctors! – have asked if I have asthma, so I finally (nicely) lost it on the allergist when she asked. It came back all good, so I don’t know. I can’t believe the price of medical care in our country. It is absolutely ridiculous. People are literally killing themselves because they can’t afford prescriptions. It is so incredibly sad and utterly despicable. It is a reason I would seriously consider becoming an ex pat. I know right now in Central Texas everything is in the air, so I hope your asthma is behaving!

    • I have kind of given up on the allgery/food thing. My (ex) fiance’s family would bully me about it, and I finally exploded after about six months of it. It didn’t change things one bit. Thankfully I don’t ever have to deal with THAT again, but I still get some flack for my food choices from older people, ironically. *hugs*

  4. Wow, sounds like a bit of a stressful week for you. D: And it’s so so ridiculous that people can be so impatient and inconsiderate. Agh, I hope this week goes smoother for you? 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  5. Holy moly, Charlie! You did have quite a week. I am right there with you about inconsiderateness…it’s so prevalent these days and so disheartening. I’m so sorry to hear about your allergies…geez! I thought mine were bad but mine don’t hold a candle to yours. Oh, and exes…can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em. Ugh! I certainly hope this week is off to a great start and that things go much more smoothly. 😀

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