Thoughts on Thursday: My Reading Past


My Reading Past

I started reading at a young age. My mother has always been a reader, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Being in education, we say that a lot.

As a primary student, I liked adventure. I consumed everything I could get my hands on. I loved being part of the Highlights club. I would save them up all year long to read and work on during the summer, when I didn’t have access to any books. (I don’t think we had a public library then.)

In elementary school I switched gears a little. As an advanced reader, I was reading middle school level books. That was also when I got into a big nonfiction phase. Apparently I was obsessed with Susan B. Anthony.

Middle school seems to have come and gone. I read a smattering of things, and those years seemed to all blur together. I remember being big on mythology for a while. The one thing I remember with clarity was the red dot books. These were books with “mature” content that we at 6th grade were much too young to read. The minute we walked through the doors for 8th grade, we made a beeline for Detour for Emma. This was a book that was whispered about at the lunch table and in the girls bathrooms. At the time it was so controversial and taboo for us to even think about. Now, it’s almost a norm.

During this period I started secretly reading my mother’s romance books. I would stay up until all hours of the night – ahem, when my mother would come home at 1 or 2 AM from work – and quickly shove the book under my mattress and pretend to be asleep. I found I was growing bored with the selections at school and I didn’t get to go to the public library very often.

High school was a smorgasbord of reading. I read all kinds of things from romance (which I was highly embarrassed for anyone to see me check out), to high seas adventures (Bloody Jack, you have captured my heart), to realistic fiction.


How would you describe your reading past?

When did your reading interests change during your school years?

Do you have any books you’d highly recommend from your reading past?

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: My Reading Past

  1. There are two books I go back to time and time again from my childhood–The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi and A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L’Engle.

    I moved away from leisure reading in college. I just didn’t have the time and came back to it after we ditched cable awhile ago. It’s been fun reading and now blogging. I’ve met so many cool people like yourself!

    • I love BOTH of those! I only read TCOCD once, but I loved it. Avi is a phenomenal writer. I have read A Ring of Endless Light eight or ten times. I absolutely love it. I’m so glad I have met all the wonderful folks through my blog. It’s so hard to imagine three years ago I knew none of the people I know now!

  2. This is Andrew Joyce, I’m stuck in my Danny the Dog persona! Help! Anyway, I love reading so much that I don’t own a TV because it’s might be a distraction. Had a real nice one and an extensive movie library. Woke up one morning and gave the whole kit n’ kaboodle away. Read Mailer, Tolsky, Hesse, and Heinlein in the first week of my freedom from the tube. Yippee!!!!!

  3. Great discussion! I am the same in that my mom is a voracious reader and I can remember always reading! My brother was even more of a reader than me! I remember the book sale days and catalogs in elementary school being my absolute favorite!

    • I think this year I have more male students who are big readers than I do girls, which I’ve always found interesting. It’s funny because my middle brother was also like your brother. His thing, though, was re-reading. I think he literally read Eragon over 100 times. I LOVED Scholastic order forms. I would DROOL over them.

  4. This is such a fabulous topic! My reading past was off and on. When I was elementary school age, I read ALL. THE. TIME. I read mostly The Baby-Sitters Club, but literally ANYTHING by Ann M. Martin. And other than that, the typical early 90s kid stuff 😉 When I got to high school, YA wasn’t a thing, and I was getting too old for the BSC, and I had like, NO time, so I didn’t read as much. When I did, it was usually just wandering through the bookstore- though I did have a particular fascination with Lurlene McDaniel and all her death books. And then in college, again, no time.

    When I finally got back into reading, I was in my mid-twenties, and the mom of a kid I was working with quasi-forced Sookie Stackhouse into my hands, and I was smitten. Then, around that time, a friend was like “ohh you have to read The Hunger Games!” I looked up the synopsis and was like “no, I don’t” and figured that would be the end of it. (Can you even believe the irony!) And then I heard it from someone else and I relented. I was about 10 pages into the book before I Amazon 2-Day shipped the next two 😀 And, that is how I got to where I am now!!

    Such a fun post, thanks for sharing iT!!

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