Sunday Post ~ Clorox Wipes and TV Dinners

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This week passed in a blur. Between so many UIL practices to get them in before competition, yearbook staff meeting, and tutorials with all my little friends who were absent the first week back, it has been a whirlwind. At least I have 5934839 pieces of candy to eat during the storm. Why do parents think their kids’ teachers want boatloads of candy? … I always gave my teachers things like tea towels, candles, etc.

The photo to the right is very deceptive. It exhibits a glazy-eyed me with very little sleep but very happy to be toasty thanks to the man’s Christmas present.

This week I had 21654167981 chores to do, so Stitch and I were doing the same thing! I might have only showered twice…I can’t really remember.

Since I am actually living back in my house during the week, and not simply sleeping in my bed, I have started the slow and horrible process of sanitizing and sterilizing every surface and item in my kitchen. It would be *SO* much easier with a dishwasher. Since I was there, I also cleaned the inside of my refrigerator. It’s so sparkly. In the meantime, it’s microwavable dinners for me until the cabinets can be cleaned and all the cookware can be cleaned and put away.

And Baby might have fleas. Again. I found two yesterday. 😦

Things are underway on the Lucy front and I am praying each day that the man gets a response from his shark peeps. SOON.


 ~ Last Week  on G1000W ~

For the last several weeks, I’ve been checking for the following week’s topic for Feature Follow Friday, and there is nothing there. I don’t have the time to wait for it to post and craft a post on Friday mornings, so I think this one and I may be parting ways. It’s kind of sad. I think this was the first meme I started participating in.


~ This Week on G1000W ~

Let’s just say life’s a hot mess right now, alright? I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she was tiny, running around on the top of a long, sixteen-seater dinner table trying to keep all the overflowing portions on gigantic plates. Things have been slim on the reading and preparing front.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Clorox Wipes and TV Dinners

  1. Your week sounds a lot more busy than mine was, Charlie! I got kind of winded just reading about it! I really hope things will be sorted out with Lucy very soon!
    And your new books look fantastic! I think Awakening could be a very hot story from that cover…
    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

    • Yeah…I’m feeling the pressure. I hope Baby doesn’t have fleas. Everything at our house and at Richard’s will have to be washed and sprayed, and vacuum every 4-6 days before more can hatch. Hopefully Awakening is exactly what it looks like! 🙂

  2. You’re the first person I see who’s wondering about the Feature Follow Friday as well. I was the feature for the last 2 weeks, but Parajunkee posted someone else’s answers under my name on her site. I commented and emailed about it, but zero response and then, without a word anywhere, the meme is gone for the past few weeks. Oh well, sad idd, but I already picked something else to fill my Friday posts with! 🙂

    • OK, so I’m not crazy then. I made this comment several weeks ago, and someone responded that Alison has them in hers, so since I’ve been checking hers and nothing either. Perhaps FFF is a thing of the past? I’ll start looking for something else to fill Fridays!

      • Definitely not! 😀 I checked Alison’s site as well, but apparently she’s on a holiday. You’d think it would still be on Parajunkee then. They could’ve given a heads up instead of leaving us in the dark about it, though. Lots of other fun stuff out there!

  3. I’m glad you’re warm (the man’s present sounds heavenly!), sorry about the fleas, and wondering what I missed — why the laborious sanitizing of everything in the kitchen?

    I hope the Lucy situation gets sorted soon; I hope your life calms down a little; and I hope you enjoy Best Worst Mistake – it was cute.

  4. Wow! A lot happening for you at the moment and you sound busy busy busy!

    Hope there are no fleas – especially AFTER you’ve done the sterilising?!

    And stacks of new arrivals there to look forward to as well!

  5. You had such a busy week ! I have an excellent brand of collar to put around Baby’s neck to avoid fleas, unfortunately it’s French, so you probably couldn’t get it… 😦 Anyway, if you can find it on the net, it’s Seresto – very efficient !

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