Sunday Post ~ New Year, More Work

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I finally updated my Sunday Post icon. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. This falls in line with all the updated and new things going on around Land of 1000 Wonders! 🙂

The new school semester started with a repeat of the fall. My great-aunt Tennie passed away on New Year’s Eve. I attended the funeral on my first day back at work. She was one of those women who are one of those sweetest people you know. In her marriage portrait she looked exactly like Judy Garland during her Wizard of Oz days.

My brother threw a birthday party for his wife, and the man met everybody. It was a bittersweet event since the man’s ex is refusing to return Lucy and a bunch of additional stuff is going down. The man has the wheels in motion to get it all straightened out, but it will be rough waters for the next few months. Needless to say, absolutely nothing looks good for her in any possible light. It was a very quiet and bittersweet weekend without Lucy. He is missing her, I am missing her, Baby is missing her. Bad. There is a part of our semi-family missing, and it makes all the difference. Hopefully we see some movement this week on the Lucy front and the other unresolved things. In the meantime, during his night of raging anger, he fixed something in “my” bathroom and trimmed up the tree in the yard that keeps scraping my car when I pull in or leave the driveway. Can we keep him? 🙂

School is crazy as ever. Five million directions at once. And this crazy right here couldn’t say no when I was asked to take over our school’s yearbook and be the Yearbook Adviser. Goodbye, 5:00 resolution.

The allergist last week did the wrong test, so I have to go back again. She also referred me for lung functionality testing given some other things we discussed. Tomorrow I do the lung testing and bloodwork for the avocado allergy. I go back in February for the other allergy test – on my birthday.

Baby is loving the man’s mattress heating pad gift. She does not want to get out of bed in the mornings to go out. The landlord left a rat trap in my oven broiler. It would have been nice to know before I started cooking! When I walked back into the kitchen it was filled with smoke and that smell is still not out.


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26 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ New Year, More Work

  1. Among all your news (both good, and sad) the one that stood out the most to me was the rat-trap!! Can your landlord actually enter your place like that and do stuff without letting you know? That is way, way creepy!
    I’m sorry about your aunt, but glad you have so many good memories of her to keep with you for the future 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful week, even if you have signed up for the yearbook thing… I hope it will be fun for you, even if it also mens more work.

    • I was displaced for the entire holiday season (from Dec 18 to Jan 4) so he could work on this rat problem that he’s been ignoring. I didn’t know where all the traps were, and since that one was “out of sight” it was also “out of mind.” Legally, no, he cannot enter my living quarters without notifying me why (if it is a maintenance-related thing, such as checking pipes, replacing an appliance, etc.). Even if a landlord has to enter on emergency status, such as spewing pipes, they must leave documentation. I know all this because I used to work in a law office that handled A LOT of tenant/landlord cases.

  2. As always what a week you’ve had! That’s awful about Lucy. Hopefully it will get worked out very soon. The rat trap thing is bizarre! I’ve dealt with mice invasions (old house in the country – it happens) but I’ve never heard of them getting into an oven! For starters how would they? And also why? I have a heated mattress pad and I absolutely love it. The rest of my family loves it to be absolutely freezing at night and that keeps me surviving! I don’t recommend cranking it up really high if you have a fever though. For some reason the heat doesn’t warm you up and you end up freezing and burning at the same time. Or at least that’s what happened to me. Have a great week!

    • Oh no! That sounds terrible. I’ll have to keep that in mind! I have my suspicions about the whole rat debacle, and we’ll see if they actually stay gone. As for the oven, it’s a warm place. I don’t have central heat/air since the house was built in 1932. In terms of Lucy, it is about to be a shit show. It will be interesting for her parents to find out the truth about what she’s been lying about all these months. Paper trails, text messages, and charges don’t lie!

  3. Your dog is so cute!!!!!!

    I almost picked that one for the January Kindle Reads First but I ended up choosing Becoming Marta — I hope they are both great!!

    New follower.

  4. Do you have rats? Why would he do that…ugh. I am going to say a pray for the troubles you all are having and I am sorry for your recent lost. It is hard to lose sweet people. Hope the week ahead brings good news and joyful moments.

  5. Why wouldn’t he tell you about the rat trap? Maybe he never uses his oven so he figures you wouldn’t either. Ugh, that is just dumb! I hope you like This is Where it Ends more than I did.
    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I work with death everyday, and it has taught me that you never know when it will be the last time that you see someone. Sounds like a great loss for your family.
    Sorry to hear about all the drama too. I think I missed a big chuck so some of what you said doesn’t make sense. It probably is good for you to just post it and let it go. Life is too short.

    • Thank you, Karen. You know, the funny thing about the whole thing was during the funeral. I had always thought she was my great-grandpa’s sister. After riffling through the funeral home pamphlet (what are those things called?), I realized she had the same last name as my great-grandmother. I’ve only ever called her Aunt Tennie. Turns out she was the wife of my great-grandmother’s brother. You learn something new everyday!

  6. I hope you get some answers on the allergy front. It can be frustrating not knowing!

    And so sorry for the hassles you’re having with your man’s ex. Hope things improve all-round soon!

    • I know. The allergist lady felt so bad she did the wrong test. Oh well! As for the other thing, things will definitely start happening this week. It’s now just a matter of waiting to see what that will be exactly. Thanks for stopping in, Deb!

  7. I’m sorry about your aunt. 😦 Sounds like a lot of ups and downs lately. Awww, your dog is adorable! And I’ve heard interesting things about This Is Where The World Ends and it’s made me SUPER curious. I hope it’s good!!
    (Also thanks for sharing my post! <3)

  8. Sorry to hear about your aunt. My first week back to school was crazy! And it seems like a group I sponsor is about to cover 9th and 10th graders as well as the 11th and 12th graders I’ve already been responsible. I’m not thrilled about it. I hope you enjoy This is Where it Ends as much as I did. Have a great week!
    Check out my Sunday Post

  9. Oh, Charlie, I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt — and about Lucy. I hope things work on on that front soon, and your man gets her back. He must be devastated.

    And rats! [shudders] You’ve been having more than your share of unpleasantness recently. My heartfelt sympathies, and I hope every one of the rats disappears for good.

    • Oh, he is so devastated. I held it together until I left school, and cried all the way home. We should hear something starting next week to see where things go. Thankfully, I think the rats are all gone. And if they aren’t, after I have bleached every possible thing in my kitchen and scrubbed cabinets and washed ALL of my dishes and cookware, my LL is going to pay for Baby and I to stay in a hotel until it is fixed. I keep my fingers crossed on all these things!

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