Feature Follow Friday ~ Book Excitement 2016

Alison Can Read Feature & FollowIt is the Friday Feature Follow!

This is a weekly blog meme hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Alison Can Read.

There are some general rules to the Feature Follow, and they have recently been updated. There are now TWO Featured Bloggers each week, one at Parajunkee’s View and one at Alison Can Read. It is required that you follow both of these Featured Bloggers, so make sure you stop in with both hosts’ posts to meet the Featured Bloggers and follow them.

The Questions:


What books are you most excited for in 2016? – Suggested by Alison Can Read.


My Answer:

I don’t keep up with new books. I don’t and I suck. BUT! I really, really, really want a paperback version of Beyond the Kingdoms (The Land of Stories, #4). Chris Colfer is also currently scheduled to release the fifth book in the series in July, so I’m looking forward to that! I’ve reviewed the first book, The Wishing Spell, in the series. You can check it out here. 

Which books/authors are you looking forward to in 2016? Leave me a comment about anything! 

11 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ Book Excitement 2016

  1. Oh, gosh, I’m looking forward to a lot of books this year, but I think I’m most excited and most nervous about The Murder of Mary Russell by Laurie R. King. I’m not sure if the title means she’s killing off the main character (I don’t think so, but it’s not totally out of the question.)

    Those Chris Colfer books look like so much fun, and the covers are so colorful!

  2. I’m either really great at keeping up with new book releases (aka stalking the author’s twitter!) or I’ll find out really late and kick myself ahah. Great pick though! I’m about to go check out your review 🙂 also I’m a new Bloglovin follower
    My FF post

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