Sunday Post (December 20)

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Wanna know why I have felt so exhausted these last few weeks?

Let’s try double ear infection AND upper respiratory infection! I have been battling the ear infections for two weeks, post-flu shot mind you, without even knowing I had them. My great new doctor (the one who got the ball rolling on my GI issues earlier this year) is sending me to an ENT and audiologist because this is a historical problem with me, as well as an allergist.

so this is

I got a steroid shot, steroid meds, and a super duper allergy med to take in combination with the allergy pill I’m already taking and Nasacort. Miracle Doctor, y’all.

The man left last Sunday. Baby and I took him to the airport to fly up north to be with his family. When he was packing his suitcase, she sat on top of it. When we got to the airport, she tried to run in after him. She loves him so much! It is going to be a tough 16 days.

Also, the new joke is: Let’s go look at Christmas lights! The day before flying out, the man wanted to take me to the shooting range. Surprisingly, in Texas there aren’t that many in our area. We went to two and they were overflowing with hours waitlist. On the hour-plus drive back home, my contribution was to go look at Christmas lights.

Five minutes later I was passed out on the police man boyfriend’s super hunky guns. The ones that can carry me, not shoot deadly explosives. He’s not going to let me live that one down…

OH!! AAND! The debt with the ex-fiancé is paid off! Done! My credit union also approved my personal loan to consolidate the remainder of my debt that has compounded from paying for two households last year. AND then my amazingly wonderful credit union loan officer said, “Uh, by the way, we can do so much better on your Jeep.” And he drew up the papers. I’ve compared it to national interest rates for a loan with half the lifetime as mine, and my CU still beat the interest rate by nearly .75%. Booo-ya!

Oh, and no, I haven’t forgotten about Jeff Anderson. I just haven’t had any time this week. I promise next week I’ll reveal all Jeff Anderson…and maybe my Christmas surprises! (Ahem, presents.)

And the last, and better be last, is that I got to tell my know-it-all-about-animals friend that I did, indeed, have RATS in my house after I made her be in charge of disposing of the first “mouse” caught in the trap. I will not scar you for life with the decapitated blue rat we found…which means there are more. I am displaced from my house for the entire holiday until after new year. The landlord had better get it right this time. Most recently I discovered they had eaten my candles in the bedroom and living room, meaning they are not localized to the kitchen anymore. Can you tell I’m not a happy camper about all this? Meanwhile, the man is enjoying peeking in on Baby and me in his house via the home security cameras, turning on lights for us, etc. It’s kinda fun. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Post (December 20)

  1. What a week! Ear infections and upper respiratory infection = my life as well for the past 5 years. It can drive you crazy! Hope you’ll feel a lot better before Christmas. First snakes and now rats….YIKES! 🙂

    • Oh, no fun! I hope the ENT and audiologist have some things to say about my ears. I can do without the rats. I can handle the snakes, but the rats just need to die. There’s no nice way to say it! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Anne!

  2. Me too! If they find something concrete, maybe I can bring that up with my doctor as well. I’m getting cortisone drops now every time it goes wrong because the AB didn’t work. Haha, I can imagine! Same to you! Happy holidays!

    • I am so relieved…although, of course, the ex did not follow through. Given how we got in this position, I don’t believe for a moment that he didn’t get any overtime during “peak” (FedEx’s December). So there’s still that issue to deal with, but otherwise the $800-900 that was remaining in my monthly pay that was stretched across my three credit cards barely made a dent. Now, they are all paid off (as well as my medical, new tires, Bealls card, etc.) and between my loan and balance transfer my payments are around $300. Hopefully it is all paid soon!

      Yeah, I’ve tried to be kind of quiet about “the man” until things were a little more certain. Considering I spent half of December at his house and all the hassle he went through to make New Year’s Eve happen, this year looks good! I should ask him if I can share a picture. 🙂

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