Review: Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

 Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous
Author: Gita V. Reddy
Release Date: August 2015
Length: 24 pages
Series?: Bed Time Tales #2
Genre: Children’s

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Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous is a bed time story for kids, and also a first-read for early readers.

Bala-Gala lives in the forest of Gamba-Bamba, and must save himself from the crocodile, Brammy-Gommy, who lives in the River Kanga.

But who is Bala-Gala? Is he is deer, a tiger, a dinosaur, or a dragon? The answer will delight kids, as will the story.

This is a tale to tickle the imagination of every child. A picture book for ages 3-6.


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***** Review *****

The Skinny

Bala-Gala is a cool creature! He comes alive and can change from one animal to another.

Bala-Gala lives in a forest, Gamba-Bamaba, and his first objective is to save himself from a crocodile, the mean Brammy-Gommy, at the River Kanga.

The Players

Bala Gala – an animal that can transform; he used to be a deer and is now a tiger

The Quote

When Bala-Gala was a tiger, all his friends stayed away from him. They were scared he would eat them. So he became a dinosaur.

The Highs and Lows

  • + The Imagination. There is so much imagination built into this story, which is perfect for young, beginning readers. They will easily identify!
  • + Bala-Gala. He is so interesting! He can transform into anything he wants to. He starts off as a deer, then a tiger. After he realizes his friends are afraid of him, he becomes a dinosaur and helps all his friends gather food and travel. How nice is that? Also, I want to be like Bala-Gala. I want to just become a dinosaur!
  • Setting. The setting is marvelous! All the animals of the forest come together in this one place and seem to all be friends with one another.

The Take-Away

This story is so different than most children’s books I’ve read, and I enjoyed the twist to the ending. It explains why Bala-Gala can change and transform from one animal to another at will.

Recommendation – Buy, Borrow or Skip? 

Buy! This is another cute read. It has more text than most beginning readers might be able to read on their own, and it has a great storyline that will inspire youngsters’ imaginations.

***** About the Author *****

Gita V.Reddy is a writer of fiction for middle-graders and adults. She enjoys thinking up tales of different genres. She has written mysteries, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and even an animal tale for children.

She wrote and illustrated her first picture book for kids in August, 2015. She plans to write a few more because the experience was very satisfying.

Ms Reddy was born in India, is a post graduate in Mathematics, worked in a bank for twenty-six years, is married to a physics professor, has a son doing research in neuro-electronics, and loves literature. Yes, her life is as mixed up as the multiple genres she writes.

She enjoys painting and spending time with her family, and LOVES walking in the rain.

She also writes under the name Heera Datta.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

  1. This is a great new author you’ve introduced me to! Looking forward to getting to know her work better! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday this week! I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve followed by the merriest of Christmases!

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