2015 Goals Evaluation

2015 Goals Eval

What is the point of making new goals if you don’t go back and evaluate how well you did with your previous goals? That is what this post is all about! I’ve pulled my resolutions and goals for 2015 to see how well I did with them.

This is what I will use to help set my goals for next year.

Focusing on NetGalley Books

Goal: Read 50 NetGalley books; increase my rating to as near to 50% as possible.

Yeah…I didn’t do so well with this one. Most of the NetGalley books I did read weren’t old ones, which was the point. Still needing to work harder on this one next year. However, I did review quite a few NetGalley books that were for review tours.

Clearing out my TBR

Goal: Read 5 physical books on my shelf and 20 NetGalley books.

I read 20 NetGalley books…but they weren’t old ones on my TBR. I also struggled to get just 5 physical books on my shelf read.

Goodreads Organization

Goal: Create more structure and organization with my shelves. 

I didn’t do much with this one. I did add a few new books to my shelves, like fairytales. I’m just bad at adding books.


Goal: Participate in 4 read-a-thons.

I participated in Winter COYER, Beat the Heat, Tackle Your TBR and September is for Sequels. I didn’t do so well with the last two because I didn’t find out in time to plan for them, but now I know for next year! Collectively, I completed 32 books for these challenges. Tackle and Sequels overlapped, so three books were the same on those lists.


Goal: Simplify and focus on my challenges. Read more from male authors.

I feel like I did simplify my challenges this past year. I was a little more selective in which challenges I wanted to participate in, and I think I had a pretty good focus on completing each of those. I don’t feel I read too much more from male authors than the regular, but at this point I’m not too concerned with that goal so much. 

Blogging Community

Goal: Add new bloggers. Participate in 2 Boost It Tuesdays per month. Participate in 3 Booknificint Thursdays per month. Participate in all Saturday Situations. Visit 2-4 blogs each week from memes. Visit 10 COYER reviews each week. 

I failed miserably at this one. Perhaps because there were so many components to this goal. Instead of adding to my blogging community, I think I need to work at maintaining it better. I was very, very sporadic in participating in Boost it Tuesdays. Most of them I caught up with in the summer when I had more time. I think I was pretty consistent with participating in Booknificient Thursdays. I missed a few Saturday Situations here and there. I definitely did not visit 2-4 new blogs each week, or keep up with my COYER cohorts very well.


Goal: Work smarter, not harder. Streamline and simplify.

I think I got a handle on this one. A lot of it came with a few changes I made around the blog, as well as keeping up my organization and scheduling system.


How well did you do with your 2015 goals? 

7 thoughts on “2015 Goals Evaluation

  1. I think you’re maintaining your blogging community pretty well ;). But holy crap: what a list! 😀 Love your goals and think you did great even though you’re not entirely satisfied with it yourself.

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