Sunday Post (December 13)

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Remember last week when I said I would be getting up a post all about going to Jeff Anderson’s workshop? Well, I had every intention of doing so, but I didn’t even have time to call and make a doctor’s appointment. It really sucks being a teacher because all of your available time to make phone calls like that, or to say your bank or credit card company, are in full use by your job duties. Look for one this week instead! … And I will also be putting up my Christmas tree this week, too.

So on one of those days that I was up all night, I cashed in on Ebates and bought over $500 in bedding from JCPenney’s for only $189. Earlier last week I was so excited because there was a large package on my porch. I thought it had arrived!

It was only my king size pair of pillows. :/

And apparently Beauty & the Beast is extremely popular on Amazon right now because even with my Prime Membership, it is estimating two weeks to ship. What is up?

I did, however, receive my boxed set of Harry Potter! I ordered in paperback, and I’m OK with that. I’m still waiting on the Illustrated Edition of HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone for my mother. I made a BIG SISTER-I’M THE OLDEST executive decision and told my younger brothers we were getting it for her Christmas gift. And that they owed me money. 🙂


On the homefront, the mice are now trapped in my house. My landlord came and fixed some things that should have been taken care of long before I ever moved in (last November), and now Baby is attacking the stove at every opportunity. They even broke the first shot glass souvenir I ever bought from my senior band trip to Florida.



It is on! This will be The Long Winter of the Hunger Games. And it ain’t going to be Baby and me who die.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post (December 13)

  1. I know lots of people who seem to be having rodent issues right now! Not fun! We’re lucky in that we have an attack cat who seems to have rid the vicinity of all small rodents and a number of other small animals. It’s a little on the gross side but I suppose it’s better than having to actually fight the mice myself! I used to do a lot of substitute teaching when my older kids were in elementary school and I remember being surprised at the absolutely no down time in the schedule and I didn’t even have to deal with all the administrative crap that the rest of the teachers did! Hope you get a break and that your new bedding comes soon. Have a great week!

    • The education world is definitely administrative-heavy! And lunch and bathroom breaks – my brother called me a couple weeks ago becuase he was nearby my school (in the next town) and wanted to go to lunch. I told him we don’t even have time to go down the street to McD’s anymore with our shortened class periods. It’s something else, that’s for sure!

      What’s weird is that there is a stray cat that hangs around my house and my neighbors’. Why do I still have this problem? haha

    • I hope she does! However, daughter-now-older-to-mother: I didn’t want to like anything my mother liked (personal reasons – WAY beyond normal mother/teenage daughter things), and I refused to read HP until after I graduated college and was older…and much wiser. I still haven’t received my copy yet; I am hoping it comes this week!

  2. I guess I’m lucky because I’ll only be teaching 8 hours per week, Charlie, I’ll still have time to call the bank and my doctor if need be 🙂
    Sorry you’re having a rodent issue. Is there something you can do right now to get rid of them?
    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

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