The BEST Christmas Movies

Confessions of a Book Geek

25 Days of BlogmasAs part of my INSANE idea to do Blogmas, I’m bringing you some Christmas-themed blog posts. Yesterday, I revealed the BEST Christmas Songs (in my humble opinion), so today I’m bringing you my favourite Christmas movies.

For me, movies are heavily associated with Christmas. When you have time off from school or work, not only do you get to watch the reruns that are scheduled on daytime TV every single year – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original, the remake is sacrilege), Mary Poppins, It’s A Wonderful Life, etc. –  but you also get to stay up late eating gluttonous food with your family, while watching movies into the wee hours of the morning, because you have no alarm to rudely awaken you the next day (I tend to do a Harry Potter marathon every year).

Whether these are strictly Christmas-themed movies, or movies I just associate with…

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