Sunday Post (December 6)

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This week was the week from hell. (Have I already said that? I feel like I said that last week…)

I was off campus on Tuesday and Thursday for professional development. My students finished their novel unit this on Wednesday. I gave them Thursday and Friday as work days to finalize all of their novel unit work and take the reading/comprehension test on it.

On Tuesday I drank two large Dr. Peppers at lunch. I was up ALL NIGHT LONG. I had super official people pushing into my classroom on Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t have lunch that day preparing for them. I was at school until 10:50 PM Wednesday night getting everything ready for my sub as I teach a language arts class, an intervention class, and a creative writing class. On Thursday I had tea at lunch and was up again all night long. I am super sleep deprived.

Some amazing things came out of last week, though. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive than I did in Jeff Anderson‘s “classroom.” I felt reinvigorated for life.

  • I have decided I want to continue my writing. No more excuses.
  • I discovered one of the primary reasons why I stopped, and now I have a writing buddy…who conveniently lives six houses down the street. 🙂

I LOVED my workshop on Thursday, with none other than the hilarious Jeff Anderson, author of ZACH DELACRUZ: Me and My Big Mouth. Look for pictures and more later this week…you know, when I can see straight.

 ~ Last Week  on G1000W ~

As I was preparing this post, which was broken up in chunks as I was working while listening to the amazing author Jeff Anderson in a teacher training workshop about writing (revising, specifically), it suddenly hit me like a meteor-shower: why am I not including my Sunday Post from the previous week in my posts? I’ve seen  others include their previous Sunday Post and even thought, “Huh, that’s a good idea,” … and then the thought leaves the train station.

No Top Ten Tuesday this week. I DID the post…but it disappeared. I’m relegated to believe that was supposed to happen, so no use chasing it down. Things happen for reasons, right?

Then I realized my “homework” this week was to get a Thoughts on Thursday discussion post together and I realized on Thursday that I hadn’t done it. Work has been a time suck this week…

~ This Week on G1000W ~

  • Monday
    • Review ~ The Lady and the Mountain Man
    • Blast + Giveaway ~ Lionel’s Christmas Adventure
  • Tuesday
    • Top Ten Tuesday ~ For the First Time!… Authors I Read in 2015
  • Wednesday
    • WWW Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Review + Giveaway ~ Eclair Goes Geocaching
  • Friday
    • Feature Follow Friday ~ $100

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~ Around Town in the Spotlight ~

Ain’t nobody got time for that! … Sorry!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Post (December 6)

    • You know, in retrospect I thought the same thing, but the two nights I was up due to the caffeine (which needs to be addressed with my doctor-am I caffeine intolerant suddenly?) I felt like how I imagine people feel who take Adderall (unprescribed) in order to focus for say, an entire night cramming for final exams. I actually got a lot of things done those two nights. I can’t remember what all I did, but I know I read a lot, did a lot of visiting and commenting on others’ blogs, got an Ebates account, bought an entire new bedding set from JCP for $190, and bought my Christmas gift and my mom’s and some movies from Amazon. I did get plenty of sleep yesterday. In fact, I slept until almost 2 PM, so I’m getting back on schedule. I’m just sad to think I may never be able to drink sweet tea again. 😦 How will this Texan survive?!

  1. Oh my goodness, Charlie! I couldn’t function on little to no sleep, and then only tea for lunch to boot! I’m glad your work-shop was so good!
    Can I pick your brain one day about novel units in teaching? I am only subbing so far, but sometimes, the students (high school) have a novel to read, and I want to make sure they actually read it – so questions about each reading assignment, and then an essay in the end as their test. English is at least the third language for my students, though, so that also has to be taken into account, they start with French, then German, and many of them have yet another language they speak at home… And in high school, they have English, plus the possibility of yet another language as well.
    I hope this week will be a bit calmer for you, and that you’ll get enough sleep and enough food!

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