Review: A Billionaire Brothers’ Christmas

Title: A Billionaire Brothers’ Christmas
Author: Jenn Roseton
Release Date: October 2015
Length: 30 pages
Series?: BBW Romance – Billionaire Brothers #6
Genre: Children’s


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When the five Trask brothers and their wives gather together for Christmas, they’re all looking forward to relaxing and celebrating the holidays.

But when the Trask brothers decide to cook the Christmas dinner, it’s one disaster after another, until they realize that love and family is what Christmas is all about.

This is a short holiday story of approximately 7,500 words and can be read as a stand alone.

***** Review *****

The Skinny

Dear Santa

Please bring our Christmas dinner this year because Daddy told Mommy he’d take care of it. 

Tommy and Tyler Trask


This installment in the BBW Romance – Billionaire Brothers series is 6 years after the epilogue in Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride (BBW Romance – Billionaire Brothers 5).

All five Trask brothers are convening with their families for Christmas. This is the women’s time to relax and celebrate the holidays in style. They’ve all assured their wives that they have everything taken care of, but the brothers quickly discover they have nothing but disaster on their hands.

The Players

Sophie and Mitch

Maddie and Garrett

Phoebe and Cole – parents of Phoebe and Hailey

Laura and Alex – parents of the twins, Tommy and Tyler

Ellie and Logan – parents of Penny

The Quote

The twins surveyed the room, their eyes wide. “The kitchen doesn’t look like this when Mommy cooks,” Tommy said.

“Yeah, Daddy.” Tyler frowned. “You did give our letter to Santa, didn’t you, so he could come and help you?”

“Of course I did,” Alex reassured his sons. “But Santa is very busy and he knew we – ” he gestured to his brothers, “could handle this ourselves.”

“Maybe you need Mommy to help.”

“No!” Alex lowered his voice. “Your Mom deserves a rest this year. She’s always cooking for us. This is going to be a present for her.”

“Uh-huh.” Tommy didn’t sound very impressed. His twin tugged on his sweater, whispering in his ear. Tommy’s eyes rounded for a second, then he nodded. “Okay. we’ll go and play.”

“Good boys.” Alex looked relieved when they left the kitchen.

“Quick.” Tyler towed his brother toward the laundry room, holding up his father’s cell phone. “We’ll ring Aunt Edna and find out what to do. I don’t think Daddy’s doing it right.”


Highs and Lows

  • The holiday mood. The book is full of Christmas cheer and love. There is nothing better than cooking Christmas dinner, dressing up as Santa for the kids, and decorating the Christmas tree with your family.
  • The disasters. They couldn’t be planned any more perfectly or be any more comical. These five big, strong, independent men are lost to making things just so for their wives this Christmas.
  • The twins. Tommy and Tyler Trask steal the show. They are masters of deception.
  • The love. The amount of love these men have for their wives and families knows no bounds. They will do anything to make this a wonderful Christmas and give their wives the relaxation they deserve.

The Take-Away

The problem was very clear-cut, created by the Trask brothers who are quickly working to rectify the situation. The best part of the book was when the twins fool the grown and burly men and make one small phone call that changes everything for Christmas.

The Recommendation – Buy, Borrow or Skip? 

It’s free on Amazon right now! If you don’t get it free, I recommend borrowing it. It’s a short novella that gives off all the feels of a wonderful Christmas read. The length combined with the love make it the perfect book to start off your Christmas reads and get you in the season.

11 thoughts on “Review: A Billionaire Brothers’ Christmas

  1. Sometimes, these very short stories are great if you’re a fan of a series, but apart from that, I often find them more frustrating than anything else. If I read the whole series, I think I’d enjoy getting a peek at the characters down the road, though 🙂

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