November Monthly Chit Chat

November News

First piece of news: CANCER FREE!

My dreaded biopsy results (after being told an additional test found my cells to be worsening) came back negative. I still have to go in every 6 months for monitoring purposes, which has been my life for the last five years.

I seem to have rekindled a love with my Kindle. The poor thing has been battered and beaten over these last three years. It’s hard to believe it has been that long already, but the magnetized thingymabobbers in my case have gone haywire. This was the original case I bought, so it was high time I got a new one! So I did. 🙂

Life has been on the fly. School is rolling along, with or without me. Baby has fallen in love with her new friend, Lucy. You know how in The Wizard of Oz they followed the Yellow Brick Road? Well, with Baby and Lucy it is follow the Lucy’s Way Road. It was hard to leave on Monday after the long Thanksgiving break. Baby hid in the couch corner behind the man and didn’t want to leave. When I finally got her in the car, she was very mad that we were leaving her Lucy. It is such a beautiful thing to see her connecting so well with another dog when she’s been an “only child” for so long.

Winter has officially set in here in Texas, and I am dropping into my SAD period (seasonal affective disorder). It is high time for a beach vacation!

I also almost stepped on this bugger the day before Thanksgiving while coming out of the garage, and he was ANGRY! The man’s PTSD and constant scanning is the only thing that saved me. Then the next day, the same thing happened going out the back door (but a grass snake, I think).


The joke that I am The Snake Hunter is not funny anymore….this makes three…in one month…God is taking this joke way too far. 🙂

November Reviews

November was better than October (4 reviews), but it was still on the light side for reviews. I also narrowed down my review template even further, so check out the December reviews for a new and improved layout.

November Reads



Noteworthy Posts

At the beginning of the month, I talked about Christmas Wish Lists since the ever-increasingly craze of Black Friday (should I say Wednesday?) was upon us.

About halfway through the month I decided to focus on one thing I am very thankful for: friendships. I took a look at several of my Favorite Friendships over the years from books.

On Thanksgiving, I paid homage to a Thankful Thanksgiving.

Challenges Updates

I am making progress quite a bit with so many of my challenges, but there is one I really want to complete by the end of the year and I really want to work on my NetGalley challenge.

Goodreads  126/52 books

NetGalley  18/50 books Let’s just say I fail. Right now.

Shelf Love  72/40 books 

TBR Pile 78/50 books 

Story Sprites – Round 2 — 8/20 squares I am making big gains with this one! I’m still worried I’m going to miss some. 

Alphabet Soup  — Still no progress. I think I’m done with it for this year. I’m saving my N book for next year. I already marked down the review on my calendar for January, so I will do it! 

Book Blog Discussion Challenge — COMPLETED!

December Reads

November was an OK reading month. I had expected to get more read, but with being out of town each weekend, there’s only so much time. I look forward to December being even better! The man will be gone for half the month visiting his family for the holidays, so I plan to get a lot of reading done. These are my most immediate books for review; most are for review in December and the last few are for review in January. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg with any Christmas reads yet, so those may come as surprise reviews in December! 🙂






I’m giving away one ebook of Five Out of the Dark (Book #1) by Holli Anderson!

The giveaway starts today and ends 12/13.

Open internationally.

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14 thoughts on “November Monthly Chit Chat

    • Thank you, Katherine! I was very relieved to hear that information. I will be seeking genetics testing from my doctor next year since my paternal grandfather and my paternal aunt both passed away this year from cancer. I want to be more prepared, you know? I bought a case with the features I liked and it had very few color choices, so I ended up selecting what I thought was going to be a deep fuchsia color bordering on a magenta almost, and it came in as a pretty bright pink. One day I stacked my phone on top of it to carry them together and realized (a week after the new case) that my Kindle and phone cases matched colors almost exactly. I hope you find the perfect case!

  1. Congratulations on your biopsy results!

    I don’t have a Kindle. I use the app on my Nook tablet. I just had to order a new battery for my Nook because it won’t stay charged for more than a few minutes. I guess I killed it!

    • Oh no! I dread when that will happen with my Kindle. A while back I was doing some reading about battery charge for my cellphone because I was having that issue with my phone, and there were two things that stuck out to improve the battery life (and I don’t know how well this works with other devices, so grain of salt here): don’t leave it on the charger for a prolonged time period after it is fully charged (which for me means make sure it’s 100% charged BEFORE going to bed and then unplug), and every so often “rewire” your battery by letting the device die completely and then fully recharging to 100%. Perhaps you could try it with your current battery before putting in the new battery to see how it that works out for you?

  2. A big YAY for your test results! One of my old friends passed away a few days before my wedding almost 2 months ago. She was 33 and leaves 2 young children behind due to cervical cancer. Seeing messages like yours make me feel so much more hopeful when it comes to curing it the damn thing!

    Also, SNAKES! *yikes*

    • Oh, Anne, I am so sorry. That must have been devastating. I cannot even imagine.

      I try to stay very clear and upbeat, and I joke “If one of the most venomous snakes in the world couldn’t kill me, I’m not going to let cancer either!”

      ….I should share my snake story…and find the articles and old pictures (if they can be found – so long ago!).

      • Well, it wasn’t the greatest combo! But I wasn’t close friends with her anymore, though, so it wasn’t as devastating as it could’ve been. Her brother is my best friend and her parents were supposed to be my wedding photographers, but they had to cancel of course. Then the new photographer turned out to be struggling with non-hodgkin. It all made a huge impact on me!
        I think that’s the best approach to it*thumbs up!* :).
        You should. I know I’m definitely curious now! Plus slightly creeped out at the idea of snakes nearby 😀

  3. This was a fun read. I’m so happy you are cancer-free! Praise the Lord! I’m also excited for your December reviews. You to-read list look like lots of fun! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday this week!

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