Are You Going to #COYER?


I have made it plain that I am an indebted servant to Amazon freebies and the holy book source NetGalley. I just can’t say no. Damn you, pretty covers!

This year I did the NetGalley challenge, and even though the year is not yet over, I still haven’t made hardly a dent in my challenge. It’s more than what I did last year, but I’m also still getting new books from NetGalley. I’m not sure if I should say Thank you, Auto Approval or Curse you, Auto Approval. Either way, I’m still back to square one.

This is it! It is driving me nuts. I have so many books I fear my Kindle will one day say

I’m sorry. You cannot read and review responsibly. Your reading privileges have been revoked.

And then I’m going to sit down and cry. Or die. I don’t know which, because my Kindle is one of the things that keeps me sane these days.

So I am doing COYER again this year, but this time I’m hitting it hardcore. Last year once school started back up mid-January my attention was diverted and I kind of forgot about COYER, but not this year. This year it’s all about the E-Reader. COYER ends right before spring break for us, but not for me! COYER’s going to last all the way to April.

This challenge runs from December 19, 2015 to March 6, 2016. 

Clean out your E-reads Challenge hosted by Fantasy is More Fun, Because Reading & Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!, so start cleaning out your free or nearly free E-reads!

Are you going to COYER with me? 

8 thoughts on “Are You Going to #COYER?

  1. Charlie, I so know what you are talking about! I signed up for the netgalley/edelweiss challenge and even though I have 54 books for the challenge I haven’t made a dent. I read one add two, it’s a losing battle. 😦 Those pretty covers and auto approval get me every time too! 🙂

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