Thoughts on Thursday: Christmas Wish List


Christmas Wish List


In August I was trying to make up a list of priority books I needed to read ASAP instead of putting off, and then my mind started to wander to other book-related things, as it does, and I found myself making a Christmas wish list.

When I was in college, my roommate would always make up an elaborate list and email to her mom. This list was sent to all the relatives, and she generally ended up with basically everything on her list. They all worked it out, and it all worked out for her. Nice, right?

So I started thinking about my aunt’s family. When she got married, she got to become part of her husband’s family Christmas tradition. Everyone makes a list of what they want, they draw names, and you have to buy $100 worth of stuff on the list of the person whose name you drew.

These are fantastic ideas! I will admit I always received clothing items from my stepgrandmother, and they were always multiple sizes too small I(before gift receipts became a norm) when my brothers and stepcousins were getting things they actually wanted or would use. It was a bummer.

It’s also a bummer when you “grow up” and no longer receive Christmas gifts. What’s up with that? Mom, you can’t convince the new stepgrandkids that Santa exists if I don’t get anything for Christmas.

Since Black Friday is just around the corner in the States, I thought this was an appropriate time to share this post. I mean, some people are already plotting and planning their Black Friday rounds.

So as you are planning your own Christmas wish lists,  here are the three things on my list for Christmas:

  1. The Harry Potter series
  2. The Face on the Milk Carton series
  3. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on DVD

Do you partake in the Black Friday sales?

Do you write a wish list each year?

Does your family have any gift exchange traditions?

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Christmas Wish List

  1. My husband’s family doesn’t give gifts for the adults but my family does and I love it! There’s a few things I want but I haven’t made a wishlist yet. Yours is pretty great! I never read The Face on the Milk Carton series but there was a Lifetime movie about it that I want to watch.

    • Last year was the first time I ever did Black Friday. I bought a matching TV for my bedroom (cue the sleep studies, I know) and really wanted a nice pair of winter boots. I was in Austin and back home by 11 AM, which I thought was fabulous. Except no boots. Stupid fat calves.

  2. I do have a wish list. It nice if someone gets you something from the heart but let’s be real if it’s something you don’t want or can’t use they have just wasted their money. I love getting a list from someone. It let me know that my money isn’t going to waste and the person is getting something that actually want. And I’m one of those people who is not offend by cash or gift cards. I don’t find it impersonal but quite practical.

    I hope you get you HP series. I have 6 of the 7 but I’m thinking they made have new covers for the 20th anniversary so I’m probably going to want that.

  3. Great question! My family doesn’t give much, but my husband’s family wants these long detailed lists every year. It’s nice but it feels stressful to me, maybe because I don’t like asking for a lot of things. But it’s what he’s used to. My three sisters and I started a new “tradition” last year — you pick one thing that you love (say, a piece of jewelry or scarf) and you buy it for all the sisters. That way they each get something that you personally love but you didn’t have to come up with an individual gift for each of them. We got pretty creative last year, it was fun.

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