Blog Ahead Challenge – Check-In #4



My goal for the Blog Ahead Challenge was ultimately one post per day, for at total of 31. However, I was also trying to be realistic and not make the challenge overwhelming. I decided I would be happy to complete Realistically, I’ll be happy to complete 15-20 posts for November and the great wintry beyond.

Here is what I completed last week:

  • Blast – The Fox and the Snowman
  • Blast – Through the Shimmer of Time
  • Blast – Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence
  • Blast – The Svatura Series
  • Blast – Falling Awake
  • October Monthly Chit Chat
  • Blast – The King of Average
  • Blast – The Storytellers
  • Blast – The Knights before Christmas


I finished a total of 26 posts for November through January. Here is my progress for Check In #1, Check In #2 and Check In #3. Blogging life will never be the same after this challenge is over!

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