Blog Ahead Challenge – Check-In #3



My goal for the Blog Ahead Challenge is ultimately one post per day for at total of 31. However, I am also trying to be realistic and not make this challenge overwhelming. Realistically, I’ll be happy to complete 15-20 posts for November onward. Up to this point, I’ve completed 13 posts for November, December and January. Yes, January!

Here is what I completed over last weekend:

  • Top Ten Tuesday – Books from Santa
  • Top Ten Tuesday – Resolutions
  • Top Ten Tuesday – 2015 Release I Meant to Read
  • Top Ten Tuesday – Recently Added to My TBR


I finished a total of 17 posts for (mostly) December and January. Here is my progress for Check In #1 and Check In #2. It’s been really nice to see my scheduled posts dip below 20 throughout the week and then bump back up. I’ve maintained about 20 completed posts on average in my dashboard this month.

6 thoughts on “Blog Ahead Challenge – Check-In #3

  1. Yay! That’s great! I’m participating for this challenge as well. It’s been difficult but I love seeing me scheduled post numbers go up! It’s an awesome feeling. Keep it up! 🙂

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