Blog Ahead Challenge – Check-In #1



My goal for the Blog Ahead Challenge is ultimately one post per day for at total of 31. However, I am also trying to be realistic and not make this challenge overwhelming. Realistically, I’ll be happy to complete 15-20 posts for November onward.

This weekend I worked on completing some future posts in November and December…

  • Review – Home & Away
  • TTT – Sophomore Novels
  • Thoughts on Thursday – Christmas List
  • TTT – Book to Film Adaptions
  • Review – The Water Nymph (date to change)
  • Review – Lady Killer (date to change)
  • TTT – Quotes
  • Thoughts on Thursday – Friendships
  • TTT – New Authors
  • 2015 Goals Evaluation
  • TTT – Best Books

I finished 11 posts for (mostly) November and December. I think that’s off to a good start, right?

10 thoughts on “Blog Ahead Challenge – Check-In #1

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! Keep up the good work! 🙂 I’ve gotten about 9/31 done. Like you, my original goal is 31, but I’ll still count it as a win if I am lucky enough to get 15-20 done. 🙂

  2. That’s off to a fantastic start! Congrats on your progress (to Kendra as well). I’ve been of the mindset since I started the challenge a couple years back that the goal is 31 but even if someone gets 5 posts ahead…that’s a really great thing! And hopefully something they’ll keep on working towards 😀

    • Yes, no matter how many posts you schedule ahead is a good thing. Even getting posts prepped is a time saver down the road! It makes it so easy later to just go plug in your review or whatever other content you’re putting in it.

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