Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish


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Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish


Y’all! Don’t panic. September is for Sequels! That’s right, a read-a-thon just for sequels! Lisa Loves Literature is hosting for the fourth year, so go sign up!  You could knock a few of these books in today’s post off your list!

This is a difficult topic for me for two reasons: I try to stay away from series and as such half the time I don’t know if what I’m reading is a series until after I’ve started it…or if it’s a finished series.

Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

There were 12 books published before Meyer’s death last August. I now own all the books but have only read the first eight.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I still have not read the last book. I have it! I just haven’t gotten to it.

The Lockwood Legacy by Juliette Harper

I have read the first three books in the series. I haven’t read the final book or the novella.

The Arboretti Family by Michele Jaffe

I’ve read one of the books in the series. I have the others on ebook that I am planning on reading sometime soon…as in, before Christmas.

Book of the Order by Philippa Ballantine

I’ve read the first three books in the series. I only need to read the final book.

Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

I just recently discovered this series. I listened to the first book on audio.

Hayle Coven by Patti Larsen

There are 20 books in the series, so I am assuming it is finished. I recently read the first book in the series.

Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka

These are books I read with my intervention students at school. We have only read two out of the series.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

I have only read the first book in the series, but I own the final book.

The Stanislaskis by Nora Roberts

I’ve read a spattering of the books about the Stanislaskis, but not all of them.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Finished Series I Have YET to Finish

  1. We don’t have any picks in common, but I definitely try to stay away from series these days myself. I read TOO MANY of them before I started blogging and, as you can see by my post, I’m terrible at finishing them. Standalone series are a different story. I read those all the time. But these long and drawn out epic fantasy type series? Not for me. (Though there are some I have my eye on for when they’re finished.)

    My TTT!

  2. Hi! I didn’t even know The Giver was part of a series. I’ve only read that one. The last Hunger Games book was tougher to get through. Maybe the movie release will motivate you 🙂
    My TTT

  3. Bloody Jack and The Gallagher Girls series are both on my list. I love Jacky so much that I’m trying to savor the series, especially since there will never be another Jacky book. *Sniff* I did read all The Giver books this year. It’s not my favorite series, although all the books made me think.

    Happy TTT!

    • A piece of my reading heart died when I found out LA Meyer passed. I immediately bought the remainder of the books (last 4) I didn’t have, like they were going to magically POOF! and disappear off shelves. Then after a while I began to speculate if he wrapped everything up with the series because he knew, ya know? That upset me, and I am dying and dreading finishing the books.

  4. Well first you have to go read Mockingjay. Then we’ll continue 😉 I need to read The Giver books 2-4 also. I want to, I just don’t happen to own any of them- or have the time, really! But seriously, go read Mockingjay!! 😀

  5. I have to disagree with everyone here and say, “Leave Mockingjay and get to reading the rest of The Giver series!” 🙂 Hunger Games was meh for me while I absolutely loved The Giver Series. I’m intrigued by the Time Warp Trio. Checking it out now. Thanks for sharing this post at Booknificent Thursday!

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