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Y’all, life is expensive! And I don’t even have kids yet. I’ve really been thinking lately about costs of items and services in our country. No wonder so many people are in such debt! I am proud to say, however, that I am slowly making a dent in my debt – school, car, and personal. I cannot wait until it’s gone, but now with paying for my surgery…girl be broke!

The month rounded out with teaching summer school, my surgery, and finally some days off. It was so nice sleeping in, Netflix binging, reading and writing for the blog. So nice. 

I have been away and quite neglectful the last three months or so. I’ve also been neglectful of my plants, but thanks to all of the Texas rains I could be. The blog, though, is another matter. Is it possible to be in a real life slump? That’s kind of how I have felt. I have been putting it off and doing the bare minimum to keep it functional.

I am hoping I am out of that funk, and back on track. I got myself some new planning materials and I’m getting into the habit of planning ahead again- that conscious effort of doing so – and trying to keep myself on a blogging and reading schedule.

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Reading Challenges

Goodreads Goal Met. At the end of June, I’ve read 87 books this year.

NetGalley —  Goal Not Met. I’ve completed 4 NetGalley books. Yeah. Basically no progress.

Shelf Love Goal Met. I’ve read 64 books already on my shelves so far this year.

TBR Pile Goal Met. I’ve read 69 books on my TBR by the end of June.

BINGO Goal Not Met.  Final tally came in at 18 of the 24 squares.

Alphabet Soup  On Track. I still haven’t gotten any further on this one. N, Q, U, and Y titles are still needed.

Book Blog Discussion Challenge — On Track. I worked myself through July discussion posts and am preparing for August!

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