Sunday Post (May 24)

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Y’all, I did something really stupid. Smart, but stupid at the same time.

I signed up to teach summer school….and I was selected.

It’s a nice extra chunk of change in one of my summer paychecks, but now I essentially have no summer. With all of the trainings I have committed to, plus summer school, I only have 2 free weeks in the summer…in which I’ll have to do my doctor, eye and dentist appointments. Not to mention my little surgery I’ve got to have. Smart, but stupid.

So, please, if you ever hear someone lamenting that teachers have it easy and get “summer vacation,” well, you know differently.

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Sorry. I’ve got nothing this week. I’ve been parring down my blogging time, if you noticed. No WWW, no FFF. :/ Next week!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Post (May 24)

  1. Awww, I am sorry! I mean, money is good but…. free time is better 😉 And believe me- I have worked in tons of classrooms, and teachers do NOT have it easy, and I correct anyone who says differently. People on the outside seem to be in such denial about what teachers have to go through. I was a TSS (I don’t know if you have those, but basically I worked with a little boy who has autism) and went to school with him, and my goodness, those teachers were SAINTS. There should be an extra zero to each of their salaries, without question. Hope you have a wonderful week 😀

    • Oh, thank you, thank you, Shannon! Teachers need more advocates who see their work on the front lines. There is so much backlash to our profession.

      Recently there was a blow-up about a school in Texas over a student with emotional disturbance and being isolated, and a parent of another student in that class spoke up in opposition and revealed what really went on in the classroom. I saw people making comments that “there are special schools for those kinds of kids.” Ummm. Haha. No! They’re in the general ed classrooms with everyone else. It was eye-opening for some of them!

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