Kickstarter + Giveaway: When They Come Calling

I am excited to share something a little different with you today. Atthis Arts is a small independent publisher that uses crowdfunding in its partnership-publishing model to market and pre-sell upcoming titles. Kickstarter rewards are a fun way to get unique book items that won’t be available with the published book. Rewards offered include naming a character in the book, a one-of-a kind hardcover edition containing an illustration of you with the book’s protagonist, and even a reward for self-published authors to get a finished manuscript professionally typeset for print and ebook!

So here it is: the book trailer and Kickstarter video for their upcoming title, When They Come Calling by author Sarah Fleming Mountford.
What wouldn’t you do to save someone you love?

When They Come Calling is a modern ghost story, a suspenseful weaving of urban battles, romance, and supernatural intrigue.

Anna is a physician from Kansas City. She’s spent her life giving and caring to others while trying to hide how different she is. Anna has lost everyone she’s ever loved: her relationships, her family, and her hope for something more.

Jed is a warrior from another era, haunted by the horrors of a brutal family feud three thousand years in the making, and inspired by his own secret quest. Relentless and driven, Jed’s determination radiates to everyone around him.

Author Sarah Fleming Mountford started with a short ghost story. Over years and through personal trials, she added to it and shaped it, until it was the story she always wanted to write. We are excited to present that story to you, and your pre-order pledges will help cover the costs to edit and publish her debut.

“I love the process through which a story reveals itself. It can be a simultaneously maddening and exhilarating enterprise, ending in the joy of creating something beautiful.” – Sarah Fleming Mountford

When They Come Calling doesn’t rely on paranormal hooks: it’s not werewolves, vampires, zombies, or nymphomaniacs engaged in magic or erotic adventures, but instead a classic tale of love and suspense; a modernized ghost story of two lost souls, drawn together until fate tears them apart.

Pre-order a copy through our Kickstarter, and you’ll receive a first edition of this modern day ghost story. Put on your slippers, forget your life for a few hours, and join Anna and Jed on their breathtaking adventure.


We are giving away a $10 Amazon gift card, along with a signed Advanced Reader Copy of Atthis Arts founder E.D.E. Bell’s upcoming release, The Banished Craft. A quirky and modern take on dragons and wizards, The Banished Craft follows the adventures of Cor, a woman caught in a dying world that does not accept her, and Atesh, a dragon scientist who’s been asked to violate his own ethics or put the lives of his family at risk. Follow their trials as they deal with a shattered world, mired in political upheaval, while they try to rediscover a lost magic. (signed paperback U.S. only, international winner will receive ebook in epub/mobi format) Please share this Kickstarter campaign! By sharing the sharing the kickstarter video and link, you will receive 4 additional entries into the giveaway.

Here is the link:, or simply visit the Kickstarter page and click “Share This Project” under the main video and fill out the rafflecopter below!Ends May 26.

Click here to enter the giveaway! 

This event was organized by CBB Book Promotions.

7 thoughts on “Kickstarter + Giveaway: When They Come Calling

  1. I’m with the publisher of this book, Atthis Arts. Thanks to everyone who contributed to or shared this project!

    The Kickstarter is off to a great start. If you haven’t yet checked it out, there are some wonderful rewards, including ones that offer something to read right away so you don’t have to wait.

    You might be wondering why we use crowdfunding to publish a book. We do this to reduce financial risk, allowing us to instead focus on the writer as an artist. We strive to keep creative control in the author’s hands to produce the story that the author wants to tell while investing in the necessary editing and production services to ensure a quality finished book. We call this model “Partnership Publishing.”

    If you are a self-published author, we offer typesetting and ebook creation services too — including one that is featured as a reward in this Kickstarter campaign. We are proud to have typeset the print edition of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls along the other books in the Network Series by author Katie Cross.

    Thanks again for taking the time to check out the book and sharing our project!

    Atthis Arts

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