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25104926Title: Treasured Secrets
Author: Kendall Talbot
Publisher: Escape Publishing – Harlequin Enterprises
Release Date: April 2015
Length: 223 pages
Series?: no
Genre: Romance

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The last place Rosalina expected the clue to a 700-year-old mystery to lead is back into the arms of Archer, the one man who broke her heart. But neither can solve the puzzle without the other, so together they set off on a new adventure, weaving from Tuscany’s underbelly to Archer’s luxurious yacht in the Greek Islands, trying to ignore the sparks that still fly unhindered between them.

Archer desperately wants to salvage the relationship he shattered years before, but fighting for Rosalina’s love soon takes a back seat to fighting for their lives. They aren’t the only one on the trail for the treasure, and their competition isn’t bothered by ethics and morals to achieve their goals. With evil close on their trail, and Archer wrestling with the remnants of a childhood tragedy, Rosalina begins to wonder if perhaps there are some secrets that were never meant to be revealed.

***** Review *****

Treasured Secrets is an interesting mix of a book, and I enjoyed the journey.

Not even a full year after an explosive argument that left Rosalina’s heart broken and her fleeing Australia, she stumbles upon the completed replica of Archer’s pendant. One of a few things he would not share with Rosalina, no matter how comforting and kind she was.

There is nothing more infuriating to a woman than a man keeping something from her. And when Rosa finds a key to unraveling Archer’s secrets…well, she can’t resist lording it over him, even if it is one drunken phone call.

She’s starting to rebuild her life in Italy. She has take back up her friendship with long-time pal Alessandro, which is the perfect cover-up when Archer comes stormy the gates of an Italian villa.

Archer’s also masterminded his own plan to have a marina buddy bring his yacht to the Greek Islands. Jimmy is more than happy to do it for the money he’ll be earning, and he’s bringing along a new chef, beach bunny style.

Rosa, Archer and Alessandro get caught up in a whirlwind adventure, chasing a 700 year-old mystery down a rabbit hole. There are a lot of twists and turns, a long-held secret and some insanity thrown in. The adventure is like a mystery thriller unfolding, a la National Treasure style, in the Greek Islands.

The plot was captivating from the moment the ball got rolling. At first I wasn’t sure where it would lead, but it slowly unraveled through some fast-paced scenes and quite a bit of tension between the characters in the grand adventure of a treasure hunt.

The cast of characters were the perfect group. There’s a slight love triangle going on between Rosa, Archer and Alessandro; Jimmy brings up the yacht with Ginger and they all set off for the very place that haunts Archer’s dreams.

Once the whole group gets underway, the relationships mesh so well. They are all working toward a greater cause, and it’s like they are one tight-knit family. That’s not always the easiest to create with such an eclectic mix of virtual strangers, and they share one crazy adventure together.

One thing that struck me as I continued to read was the attention to detail in the descriptions. They were vivid and brought depth into the story, and I felt I could connect better with the characters because I could relate to the complexities and nuances of their minds.

***** About the Author *****

7141844Brisbane author Kendall Talbot’s used to daydream about robbing the bank she worked in. Thanks to her husband’s gift of writing lessons in 2008 she decided to write about it instead.

An adrenaline junkie and mum of two Kendall says, “I love the idea of screaming and the feeling you get when you are about to jump.” Now-a-days she gets the same rush writing action adventure scenes.

Next on Kendall’s hit list is the Crime novel she’s long dreamed of. Yes she’s robbing that bank! Set in Brisbane in 1992 “Double Take” is scheduled for release September 2015.

Find the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

***** Giveaway *****

Treasured Secrets GiveawayThe author will be giving away an ebook bundle of Treasured Secrets and Rosalina’s Treasured Treats cookbook.  Open internationally. Ends May 6.

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