Review: Puddly the Penguin

Title: Puddly the Penguin
Author: Bryant Oden
Publisher: Songdrops Press
Release Date: March 2013
Length: 178 pages
Series?: no
Genre: MG

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A young penguin and a young dolphin both lose their way. And find each other. But can they help each other get back home?

***** Review *****

The cover is adorable and the story is heartwarming, but this book fell very flat for several reasons:

  • there was WAY too much dialogue
  • there were few character interactions with appropriate dialectical conversations
  • the conversations that were present were supposed to be “moral of the story” type conversations to guide young readers, but it very much felt like these were conversations being shoved down the reader’s throat constantly
  • there were a couple random illustrations in the latter part of the book – I’m not sure what purpose they served, and why there wasn’t a photo or illustration to accompany each chapter

I rated this book as 1 star on Goodreads. I would not recommend it as a read for independent young readers.

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