Review: The Amazing Adventures and Unbelievable Family History of Whitney Wallace

Title: The Amazing Adventures and Unbelievable Family History of Whitney Wallace
Author: Susan G. Charles
Release Date: April 2014
Length: 56 pages
Series?: no
Genre: Children’s Literature, MG

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Whitney Wallace loves her family but she thinks they’re all soooooo boring. Then one snowy day something happens and Whitney is left to go off on adventures all her own – all by herself.

What will she discover that wonderful snowy day? And even more importantly, will she learn that her family is not quite as boring as she originally thought?

***** Review *****

Whitney Wallace is absolutely bored to tears about everything. Her family is so boring. Her house is so boring. Snow is so boring.

When she ignores her family’s prompts to come outside and play in the snow, because they have been snowed in and that is SO boring, she finds herself with an old album filled with some pretty amazing things.

Things her own family members did. And they are so not boring things, either. As she goes on this journey with her family through their stories and tales, Whitney comes to the end and is left for an adventure of her very own.

Whitney’s character got on my last nerve. She is so blasé about everything. This to me is the mark of a spoiled brat, but she just annoyed me. Every single thing that happened was boring. Obviously she must not have much to do, but I loved the adventures of her family members from the album. They were quite…unique. 🙂

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