Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books


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Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

Seriously, y’all? You know this is much too difficult. I think this is even harder than picking favorite books. Quotes are one of my weaknesses.

1. This is a quote from a very recent read, The Wife Maker (review here). 

“If a man goes to a casino, he’d better be willing to do without whatever he puts on that table because most likely he’s going to lose it. You should never gamble with something you’re not ready to live without.”

2. This is also a relatively recent read, Just Pru (review here). I can so very much relate. 

Where had I thrown my bra? When you’re a size 36D, you do not venture forth into public without one. 

 3. This one comes from The Burgess Boys (review here), which was quite an emotional roller coaster of a read for me. 

“People will say it’s not nice to write about people I know.” 

My mother was tired that night. She yawned. “Well, you don’t know them,” she said. “Nobody ever knows anyone.”

4. This one is also from The Burgess Boys. My mother lost twins in a very tragic way. I’ve made mention before of my sister, but the loss of a child prematurely is something I knew growing up was a reason for exclusion in some ways, and that those who hadn’t experienced it don’t really know what to say. 

She learned – freshly, scorchingly – of the privacy of sorrow. It was as though she had been escorted through a door into some large and private club that she has not even known existed. Women who miscarried. Society did not care much for them. It really didn’t. And the women in the club mostly passed each other silently. People outside the club said, “You’ll have another one.”

5. This is a very important quote to me and it comes from Being West Is Best (review here). I feel there is not enough recognition that goes around in my profession, and when you’re treated like you don’t matter, you honestly don’t give a shit anymore.

“Most people just want to be treated like they matter. Figure out what their ‘honey’ is, and they’ll come around.” 

6. Simply West of Heaven (review here) got it right! 

“You know – life’s uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

7. I love this quote from the dad in The Secret Sisters Club (review here), talking about his late wife. Who doesn’t want to be loved like that?

“When I look back, I can’t believe it either. I’d never even taken chances on quiet girls, and she was a hurricane. I was completely out of my league. I needed her just as much as I needed oxygen to breathe.” 

8. How true is this? Can anyone deny it? From Life Interrupted (review here).

Life can be such an asshole. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out and you start feeling confident in who you are and how you’ve chosen to live, something comes around the corner and slaps you in the face, not only changing your viewpoint, but leaving one hell of a mark.

9. My brain always goes into overdrive over this thought, from Hearts in Exile (review here).

How do you thank someone who saves your life when you’re not sure if you want to live?

10. I spent a lot of my life being afraid of things that could or would happen. It gets very tiring, and in many ways is detrimental. I know largely it’s just what comes attached with the Y chromosomes, but I was reassured with this line from Drums of Autumn. 

This is our time. Until that time stops – for one of us, for both – it is our time. Now. Will you waste it, because you are afraid?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books

  1. I absolutely love “You know – life’s uncertain. Eat dessert first.” It’s so simple but also so important to remember. Number nine just kills me though. “How do you thank someone who saves your life when you’re not sure if you want to live?” No one should think like that. No one actually wants to die. It’s humanely impossible to think that way. Some people just believe that taking their own life is the only way to escape from the problems. But it’s not.

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