Review: Bread N’ Butter ~ Private Rye

Title: Bread N’ Butter: Private Rye
Author: A.J. Cosmo
Publisher: Thought Bubble Publishing
Release Date: July 2013
Length: 35 pages
Series?: no
Genre: MG

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Something’s rotten in the kitchen that always stinks. Luckily there’s Bread and Butter, Private Rye, to wok the streets and keep the bad eggs in check.

When a sweet stalk of broccoli comes to Bread with her troubles the duo finds themselves in a stew of intrigue. Do they have what it takes to solve the case or will they wind up toast?

***** Review *****

It was a cold night in lower fridge when she walked in. She had a big head of bushy green hair and stalks that went on for days. I knew she was trouble the moment I laid eyes on her. 

Bread isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill detective. He’s been around the block a few times, and the moment Floret walks into the Private Rye office, Bread knows something’s up.

Floret directed us to Cereal Box Alley in the lower east cupboard. A shady, forgotten place, this is where the no good foods ended up. Expired granola bars rolling dice, lonely peanuts pushing knock off goods, dented cans of beans just looking for 

I love the language Cosmo used in this book. Everything was written with the eye of a detective – a humorous detective. It’s easy to see how this appeals to middle grades students, and a great introduction to the crime genre.

As the plot unfolds, and Bread and Butter follow Floret’s story on a wild goose chase, Bread already has it figured out. Although the Private Rye team suffers a casualty, it doesn’t keep the good men down, and they are hot on the trail of the culprit.

The Dom looked at me and frowned. “You play a dangerous game, Bread.” 

“Yeah, yeah, send me to the Soda River wearing Mentos shoes. I’ve heard it all before.”

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