Review: The Adventures of Two Little Ducklings ~ There Is No Place Like Home

Title: The Adventures of Two Little Ducklings: There Is No Place Like Home
Author: Elizabeth MacKenzie
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: 2012
Series?: The Adventures of Two Little Ducklings #1
Genre: Children’s Literature

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In the first book “There Is No Place Like Home,” the little ducklings are looking for a little fish, and by doing so, they got lost. On their way home, they meet a white swan and a crocodile, who help them find their way back.

***** Review *****

These two spunky ducklings like adventure. They accidentally got “lost” last time so that one could meet the pretty new fish in the lake.

They set out to do the same again. They are on the hunt for the pretty fish. As they travel, they are warned to stay away from the alligator because he will eat them alive!

It starts getting dark and the two ducklings realize they really are lost!

Then they see the rippling waters and the back of the alligator…headed right for them!

Fortunately, the alligator is nothing like how he’d been described. The other grown up animals around the lake tell these exaggerated stories about him to keep their babies safe, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

The alligator knows the two little ducklings and helps them find their way home, and they are all in for a treat when they get there.

This is a beginning chapter book for young readers. It is a short text with illustrations and two very funny ducklings. It is obvious that they are siblings but also know where the line is and not to cross it. The dialogue was spot-on for smaller siblings.

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