Product Review: Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

I don’t do product reviews. Ever. In fact, I unfollowed a “book blog” because that’s all that seemed to ever be posted. 

But I am today because I love this nifty pencil sharpener I got for my classroom! What’s more is the guy who created it is a teacher. He made it for teachers!

Let me tell y’all about my experiences with classroom pencil sharpeners so you understand why I am so excited about the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. 


Last year I bought 3 semi-expensive pencil sharpeners (out of my own pocket). My students kept breaking them! By the time Thanksgiving rolled around I had had more than enough and trashed the last one.

The students would ask to sharpen their pencil.

I’d give them the eyebrow lift and say, “Oh? What pencil sharpener? There isn’t one. Y’all broke THREE of them. You can’t handle a pencil sharpener!

Other teachers started getting fed up with kids coming to ask to sharpen their pencils. After a few weeks they started getting yelled at for even attempting to go ask, AND for breaking MY pencil sharpeners that required them to go around asking! My team is the best. 🙂

{{I’m not joking. One of my classes got so fed up with not having a pencil sharpener that they donated money to get one specifically for their use only.}}

This school year the same thing happened. I ordered a sharpener with my department money and it is total crap! The kids get irritated because it won’t sharpen their pencils fast enough or well enough. I know kids can complain and exaggerate, and most have absolutely no patience in this instantaneous gratification world, but I would put in brand new batteries and the next day it would be nearly dead. 

To top it off, I would have a handful of my work-avoidance kids constantly sharpening their pencils. Every few minutes they’d be needing to sharpen their pencil. I had one student standing at my desk sharpening her pencil for about 3 minutes! I finally got to the point where they could only sharpen their pencil one time, and if they broke it two seconds after going back to their desk, too bad, so sad! (And then the grumbling and griping and whining and complaining would commence.) They either had crappy pencils (which I call “plastic pencils”) or they would “accidentally” (pa! on purpose!) break their pencils.

Did you ever think a person could get so annoyed and irritated by a measly pencil sharpener? Well, now you know.


And then my coworker sent me a link to THIS sharpener. The Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. She wanted it so bad…and I got one. Shhhh! I don’t want her to come down the hall and steal it. 😉

I love it! Several of my students have seen this sharpener before in 5th grade, but half of my students don’t know how it works, which is good for me! There are a host of videos about how this sharpener works, how to remove stuck lead, and replace the blades here.

20150326_140019It is pretty heavy duty and has a few features that make it ideal for a pencil sharpener. I assign certain students to operate the pencil sharpener. For some reason, even though this sharpener is smaller than the other one we had, it doesn’t disappear from my desk. Maybe it’s the bright pink color. 🙂

What’s the big stinkin’ deal, right? That’s probably what you’re wondering. Well….

  1. It holds the pencil for you. Talk about a life hack!
  2. You hold the sharpener and turn the crank.
  3. The blade stops sharpening when the pencil is sharp.
    1. This means no ruined pencils, no broken tips, none of that uneven sharpening that leaves your pencil looking like a volcano.
    2. This also means Ms. I’m Gonna Sharpen My Pencil For Five Whole Minutes can’t make the pencil sharpener into an excuse to avoid work because I can tell when it’s stopped sharpening.
  4. You get a perfectly sharpened, super sharp pencil every time. And not the kind that breaks a minute later. It’s the rule, not the exception!
  5. Did I mention it’s quiet? None of that droning on and on while I’m trying to give directions or students are sharing!
  6. Aaaand you can bolt it down to a table or desk, just in case your teacher friends or someone else has their eyes on your fantastic sharpener!

Want to know more about the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener? Visit the website or like them on Facebook.

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