Review: Battle with the Bugs ~ An Imaginative Journey Through the Immune System

Title: Battle with the Bugs: An Imaginative Journey Through the Immune System
Author: Heather Manly
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: July 2011
Length: 40 pages
Series?: Human Body Detectives #2
Genre: MG

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Human Body Detectives Merrin and Pearl are at it again.

Their magical ability to jump into people’s bodies and explore their systems (digestive, skeletal, nervous ( June 2014), circulatory, and immune) combines science with their fun adventures to help kids understand their anatomy and how their bodies work.

In Battle with the Bugs, Merrin and Pearl enter their cousin, Max’s, immune system to find out why he was sick. During their journey, they travel up Max’s nose, ride on a white blood cell into battle against the bacteria that was making Max sick, and use their knowledge of nutrition to successfully end Max’s fever.

In the end, they not only learn about the different types of white blood cells and what they do to keep us healthy, they also get a firsthand lesson on the functions of the immune system.

Ideal for both the home and the classroom, these beautifully illustrated books offer activity pages as well as a glossary of terms and information about the best foods kids can eat to keep their bodies healthy. A curriculum for teachers is also available for each book. The Human Body Detectives series offers science with a twist–an accessible lesson about the human body presented in a fun, relatable way that kids will love.

Each Human Body Detective book can stand alone as well as be read as part of the series. Battle with the Bugs is one of five stories featured in the Human Body Detectives series, along with, A Heart Pumping Adventure, Osteoblasts to the Rescue, The Lucky Escape, and Brainiacs

***** Review *****

This is a higher level book for slightly older readers. It has a lot of content about the immune system once Merrin and Pearl are inside Max’s body. I think this would bore younger readers and they wouldn’t get as much out of this book.

This is the perfect thing to accompany a unit on the body or immune system. It could also be used with guidance to teach young ones what happens inside your body when you get sick…and why eating sugar is an important thing not to do when this happens!

Other than the immune system language and brief explanations, the book’s language is friendly and the cousins work well together to help Max.

There is a plethora of information at the back of the book, including a diagram of the immune system, facts, jokes, a glossary and more.

3 thoughts on “Review: Battle with the Bugs ~ An Imaginative Journey Through the Immune System

  1. I bought this series a few months ago and am planning to work through them with my older kids. Appreciated your review! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!

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