January, February and March Monthly Chit Chat

January…February…March…News 2015


How have I overlooked three months of monthly wrap ups!?! Holy schamolee!

December and January and February came and went with three months of cold and rainy weather. It was miserable. Absolutely miserable. Everything was constantly wet and muddy.

In the mix came and went my birthday and all of my brothers’ birthdays. It was the first time we ever could not celebrate a birthday together with JB  being in Hawaii, which he is loving.

Life has been consumed by work, and it has been difficult even keeping up with the normal housekeeping, reading or blogging. I have definitely seen a numbers drop for February and March in terms of page views, and I attribute this to my disappearance from the blogosphere. Everything has kind of been stalled and on hold.

The first three months of the spring semester have also passed, officially signifying that there are only two more months of school! Let me tell you, when spring break rolled around I was in desperate need of the break.

I finally had my visit with the GI specialist. Everything is on hold until summer and I am not looking forward to this procedure. Baby also made some new friends. 🙂

Most Popular Posts

Other Posts of Note

Tours & Blasts

I have really cut back in recent months on tours and blasts, mainly because I no longer have the time.

  • Cover Reveal: Garden
  • Review: Meet Your Baker
  • Cover Reveal: Introducing Charlotte
  • Review: The Witching Elm
  • Review: Billy Bobble Makes a Magical Wand
  • Review: Just Pru
  • Review: Langston’s Daughters
  • Review: Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy
  • Review: The Wife Maker
  • Review: Escape of Princess Madeline
  • Teaser: Baxter’s Draw
  • Review: This Heart of Mine
  • Cover Reveal: A Matter of Life and Batter
  • Cover Reveal: The Demon’s Deadline

Reading Challenges


My Goodreads challenge has taken off in March with so many children’s books that I reviewed. I have surpassed my goal but I’m still going. I want to see if I can beat last year’s goal. I don’t have as much time as I did then, so we’ll see what happens.


My NetGalley challenge hasn’t really taken off this year. I am reading a few things left for April and then I’m moving straight to reading everything from NetGalley. I have got to get those books reviewed.

Shelf Love

I have been bad about keeping up with my Shelf Love challenge. Very, very bad. I know I will meet my goal, and it will probably be all in thanks to the children’s books I read during spring break. At least they are gone and off my Kindle!

TBR Pile

The same goes for my TBR Pile. New books, go away! You’re making these challenges so much more difficult.


My BINGO card ended last month. I think I did really good, considering the small amounts of time I had to read. I nearly finished my card. 🙂

Alphabet Soup 

I have read several books that all work for the same letter, but I’m slowly filling in the rest of the alphabet.

Winter COYER

My challenge of Winter COYER failed horribly. I didn’t even read 20 e-books, and I had wanted to read 20 NetGalley books and 20 other ebooks. I’ve been so overwhelmed I didn’t even remember when the end of Winter COYER was…let alone linking up.

Book Blog Discussion Challenge

With my decline in time and reading, so has come a decline in my discussion posts…and let’s just face it, also my creativity with them. I’ve been bad about linking up, too. I’m in a funk, y’all.

Months of Reviews by Genre

This started out last year as a great idea that I had. September went off smoothly with several guest posts and reviews. I think it’s safe to say September Sizzlers was the best laid plan of them all.

January was historical reads, February was chick lit and March was children’s and MG. I only got three historical reads read all month…and that was all I reviewed, too. February just fell apart. I had so much on my plate I couldn’t get past my review books, only one of which could really be classified as chick lit. March was much better with keeping in line with the reading genre. I read multiple children’s and MG books for review in March.

Since I still have so many MG books, I’m spilling those over into April and then I’m moving on to something totally new. This months of review thing is over…for good! I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would, and I didn’t do a very good job with it, either.

Reading Updates






About 40 children’s lit books I am not including, but can be found under the Goodreads challenge.





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