Review: The Dragon Who Couldn’t Breathe Fire

Title: The Dragon Who Couldn’t Breathe Fire
Author: Yonit Werber
Release Date: October 2013
Length: 24 pages
Ages?: 3-7
Genre: Children’s Literature

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For young children, growing up can seem to take forever. But, like butterflies must first be caterpillars, becoming a big boy or girl doesn’t happen overnight.

In this funny rhyming story for children aged 3 to 7 years old, children will laugh at the illustrations and the extremes that our little dragon friend goes to, as he tries to breathe fire for the first time. After trying so hard with no luck at all, he meets a wise owl who tells him that his Mom has all the answers.

This humorous story was created with the intention of helping young children to understand that life is magic. But, just like real magic, you never really know when it will happen!

***** Review *****

The story centers around a little dragon ready to grow up and compete against his big brothers.

He wants to breathe fire like his big brothers, but he can’t on his own. He tries and tries. He uses everything he knows about fire to try to breathe it. He’s not having much luck with his fire breathing, a little owl redirects him to the one person who knows how to get the little dragon what he needs.

The little dragon trots back home. His dragon mom explains that the magic of fire breathing will come when he’s ready for it. You just can’t push the magic of growing up.

A great book with cute and funny illustrations to add to the story of the little dragon’s tale of growing up.

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