Review: Furmaid

Title: Furmaid
Author: Julia Dweck
Publisher: Kitereaders
Release Date: June 2012
Length: 32 pages
Ages?: 3-6
Genre: Children’s Literature

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“Not another mermaid story,” little Minnow wails, as Mama minnow tucks him into his coral bed. Readers will learn that this is no ordinary mermaid tale. This mermaid’s “tale” is quite extraordinary. Readers will delight in the bold and colorful illustrations and tender story line. Swim along with Finoor on her very first enchanting underwater adventure.

***** Review *****

Little Minnow does not want another mermaid bedtime story. But as mom assures him, this is no ordinary mermaid tail.

Finoor is a beautiful mermaid, but there is one very big thing that’s different about her. Finoor does everything she can to make her fin look shiny and sleek like the other mermaids, who make fun of her.

One day an iceberg floats into the mermaid’s part of the ocean and it becomes so cold the other mermaids freeze into a huge ice cube. But not Finoor. She doesn’t freeze; she doesn’t get cold. But something happens to her tail.

Then some unsavory sharks show up. They size up the rest of the sea creatures. The fish cry. Finoor cries. Then she gets angry and does something incredible.

Well, a couple of incredible things, and all of the other mermaids learn a very important lesson.

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