Review: Billy and the Monster Who Loved to Fart

Title: Billy and the Monster Who Loved to Fart
Author: David Chuka
Publisher: Pen-n-a-Pad Publishing
Release Date: January 2013
Length: 34 pages
Ages?: 3-8
Genre: Children’s Literature

Find the book: Goodreads | Amazon

In the first book in this epic tale, we discover that Billy loves Monster and Monster loves Billy. They play together. They have a bath together.They even go to school together. There’s just one thing that threatens to spoil their friendship.

Monster loves to Fart!…and everyone blames Billy for it!

Will Monster make Billy the uncoolest kid at school? Will Monster cause an irreparable hole in the Ozone layer? Will Monster and Billy both learn how to behave properly in a social environment?

***** Review *****

Billy loves hanging out with his monster friend because he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

There’s just two problems: the monster farts a lot…and everyone blames Billy for it.

There was a day we had to evacuate the local supermarket because monster detonated a fart that caused the store manager to call the fire brigade.

One day an inspector comes to Billy’s school and Billy promises to be on his best behavior. His mom fixes him a very special lunch. It doesn’t go so well at school that day.

Billy’s dad has an uncool conversation with him about monster’s farts, and a plan to help Billy help monster out with his stinky problem.

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