Thoughts on Thursday: Book Blow Out


Book Blow Out

Have you noticed the sudden influx of children’s book reviews? No, no, I haven’t rehauled G1000W as a children’s lit blog.

In the fall I decided to do the whole Months of Genre in Review thing, where each month I featured a new genre of books for review. That meant I’d be reading the same genre all month long.

Even though we are more than halfway through March, originally March was scheduled to be Children’s Lit and Middle Grades books. As you can see, very few have shown up thus far this month. They are coming, I promise! I have just been so behind with everything at school and caught up with a few tour books.

This week I read and read and read all of the children’s lit I could find on my Kindle. The amount of books themselves was overwhelming! I also pulled as many MG books I could easily identify. It is looking like April will be dedicated to some MGs.

I didn’t strategically plan this, it just seemed to happen this way, but I have to admit: the children’s books are a reprieve. I am so book exhausted. I have had minimal time lately to read, and when I’d dedicate some time for it I would be paying for it the next day. I am becoming physically and mentally exhausted.

I’m caught in that blogger disappointment loop that we experience at various periods. I am just done with books right now. To think of having to read a 300 page book right now kind more than sets me on edge. It kind of gives me slight terror. I just can’t. I can’t read it and do the book justice, let alone enjoy it.

It’s spring, and as a teacher this is the time of year when the kids start getting “cabin fever” and behavior issues increase. Last year I did not feel this way about this time of year in terms of my reading, but for some reason this year spring has brought me this slump. I’m not even sure if that’s how I should describe it, if that’s what it is.

I don’t know how to handle this, because school isn’t going to be getting any better, really, until school is out. I feel I’ve been in this mood for about a month, and I don’t know how to snap out of it. Have you ever felt like this? Will it just take time?

I’m just hoping this change in my reading will help bring me around and out of this. Although, if I continue to be exhausted I don’t see how that’s going to help all that much.

Has spring brought you into a reading slump or exhaustion? Do you have any suggestions for me?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Book Blow Out

  1. I’m thankfully not on a reading slump as I have far too many blog tours lined up! I do know what you mean about book exhaustion. I love MG because it is so refreshing. This sounds like fun reading! Hopefully you’ll be cured of your book exhaustion soon but I find MG a fun read regardless!

    • I cut back on my blog tours because I felt overwhelmed with the outstanding number of books I have for review…although, I don’t get anything read in as timely a fashion unless it’s a blog tour book!

  2. I get book exhaustion if I’m reading a heavy one non-stop for a while. Then I just go do something else: make music, have an off-line day, do hands-on work. Burn out is possible if you’re doing too much of anything, and especially if you’re facing something unpleasant in the future.

    I’m a homeschool mom and I found this worked when school seemed to be a disaster: a field trip, a reading week, a new long-term project to get over the hump, or anything else unexpected but memorable for the kids and me.


    • I think my idea of reading a different genre each month, and how little success I feel I’ve had with it, is a contributing factor to my book exhaustion. I just feel overwhelmed by books and I have this feeling of “I have to review them all NOW!” but I want fun, light and humorous reads. Perhaps a field trip is in order!

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