Feature Follow Friday (March 6)

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The Question:

Do you have any furry friends? Share a picture!

My Answer: 

YES, I DO! When I talk about Baby, she is my puppy. She is only three.


This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Baby.

She can even help out with the blogging work! 10422410_10152726437442643_616823500440426116_nShe can turn on the charm and goo-goo eyes when necessary.

She likes to have fun doing dog and people things.

10923501_10152659947222643_4526900880731444990_nShe gets tuckered out just like the rest of us.

Other people always make the comment that she is such a large dog, but compared to the truly large dog breeds, I think she is a medium-sized pooch. I just roll my eyes. 🙂 


She is part Whippet (cousin to the Greyhound), part American Staffordshire Terrier and she has some bird dog and Labrador heritage. She has speckles on her chest and webbed feet, and she runs in the zig zag pattern in fields. 

I get annoyed when people ask what breed she is. My generic answer is Whippet and American Staffordshire Terrier. The majority of the time people respond, “Oh, she’s a pit bull!” and then their reaction to her changes to negative. 

Um. No. Look up your dog breeds. She is not pit bull at all. When people do this, it pisses me off. Seriously pisses me off. What’s more is I have encountered people who own or have owned pit bulls who insist she is pit bull. Just no. 


She LOVES babies and little kids. She has been wanting one of her own to take care of for a while now. Who knows? One could be coming soon! 😉 

Do you have a furry friend? If not, what would you like to have?  Leave a comment with your response and your Friday Follow. 

19 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday (March 6)

    • Dogs ARE great. In the last 2 months I have been SO SO tempted to adopt a second one. My coworker (who lives six houses down the street, to boot!) keeps posting TONS of adoptions at shelters within a 4 county radius. It is so tempting…

  1. So CUTE!! She doesn’t look like a pit bull to me. It is really annoying how people treat pit bulls. A dogs nature, no matter what breed, is influenced by the people who raise it. If you’re a kind, sweet person, your dog will reflect that. If you’re a mean, cruel person, your dog will be too. And even then, some dogs who have had mean owners still end up being sweeties.
    New follower.
    My FF: http://onceuntold.blogspot.com/2015/03/feature-follow-friday-4-furry-friends.html

    • I wholeheartedly agree! I (well, we, but D is gone now and abandoned her, so she’s mine now!) adopted her from the shelter. She was so terrified she was letting the dog kenneled with her jump on top of her and OVER her body. She let that dog do anything to her. They informed us she’d been used as a “ghetto alarm system” instead of purchasing a home security system. Problem was, she doesn’t bark!! Never had a bath the entire first year of her life, so she has this skin and coat condition I have to keep tabs on, but it is definitely in the way you treat and train your dog. I have always thought this, and when I see some folks’ pets, it’s that thought we get sometimes of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

    • They are so sweet! I hate the sudden (last 10 years or so) hate against particular dog breeds, namely pit bulls. If someone comes up to Baby and doesn’t know what kind of dog she is at all, they are all smiles and kind and wanting to pet her. The instant I tell them she’s American Staffordshire (let alone waiting for me to get out “Terrier”), it is like a complete 180 degree change in their outward appearance, body language and thoughts. It is a distinctly visible change. When we picked her out of the shelter, I will say at least 90-95% of those available for adoption (and we are talking HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of dogs) were pitbull mixed. I just want to open a huge farm and take them all! 🙂

    • So do I, Amber. Thank you for knowing the difference!! She is a HUGE snuggler. Sometimes she wants to be so close to me she will lay on top of my laptop or knock my Kindle out of my hand if I’m in bed working/reading.

  2. Hopping through. What a cute puppy! Well, whatever breed she is, she seems like a nice dog. I’ve known very nice pit bulls, so it’s silly the prejudice against them. Back in the day of Little Rascals, pit bulls were considered a family dog. All the “bad” breeds usually make great pets – like Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc. I’ve known all friendly ones.
    My FF

  3. Aw, that would annoy me, too! It’s like they’re judging your poor little baby without even having their facts straight! Well, I think Baby is completely adorable! I love all dogs! (:

    New follower via Bloglovin!

    Here’s my FF!

  4. Awwww, Baby is so cute! I love all dogs! I’ve got like 3 medium sized dogs and a cat.

    I totally hate it when people get selective when it comes to dogs, and when they’re terrified of big or medium sized dogs. And especially when the breeds are like Rotweillers or Pitbulls, but those are such sweethearts! Fact, we had this Anti-Rabies poster in my city and they used a photo of an angry Rotweiller on the ad, which is sooooooo frustrating! It makes people terrified of such dogs when it’s not the dog that’s the problem, it’s the owners! So sorry for ranting, lol.

    New follower via Bloglovin, btw!

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