Review: Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy

This a a review blitz for the picture book, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy,” authored by Lisa Cohn and her son Michael Cohn, who created “Bash and Lucy” to help (then) 4 year-old Michael cope with the death of their family dog, Lucy.  They have become media darlings, including being featured in The Daily Mail in the U.K. and making an appearance on The Today Show.  Here is your chance to check out their latest book!

Bash-and-Lucy-Fetch-Jealousy-CoverTitle: Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy
Author: Lisa Cohn & Michael Cohn
Publisher: Canines and Kids Publishing
Release Date: December 2014
Length: 39 pages
Series?: Bash and Lucy series
Recommended Ages: 3 to 8

Find the book: Goodreads | Amazon

From an award-winning Mom-Son team featured on the Today Show, Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy is a contemporary boy-and-dog book. Bash’s dog, Lucy, helps coach his soccer team, and Lucy leads the team to the championships. But Bash is overcome with jealousy when Lucy enchants a team of Special Olympics kids who say they want her to coach their team. Can Bash overcome his jealousy and learn to share Lucy with kids who say they need her? This is Book Two in the Bash and Lucy series, following Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, a Mom’s Choice Silver Award winner and finalist, USA Best Book Awards. Co-Author Michael Cohn, age 6, has appeared on the Today Show, on SiriusXM Radio, in Disney’s Babble, in The Oregonian and other media.

***** Review *****

Lucy is an extremely playful, light-hearted and kind character. Plus, she’s a dog! She doesn’t see the flaws in the children she coaches. Instead, she sees where she is most needed and can be of the most use.

She does her best to uplift a team of Special Olympics soccer players, and Bash (Lucy’s owner) gets green with envy. The evil eye of jealousy comes out in Bash.

Throughout the story filled with beautiful illustrations, Bash has to learn to share Lucy’s wonderfulness with others. Bash and Lucy also teach and help young readers understand what it is to be a service dog, as well as sharing our best qualities and assets with those who need them most.

***** About the Authors *****

MichealLisatoplaughWriter Lisa Cohn and her 6-year-old son, Michael, have appeared on the Today Show, SiriusXM Radio, AM Northwest and Disney’s Babble, in addition to the Oregonian and other media. Their first book, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence,” received a Mom’s Choice Silver Award and was a 2013 USA Best Book Award finalist. Book lover Michael reviews children’s books in taxis, gyms, lodges and parks and the Cohns post them on their YouTube channel!

Lisa and Michael’s aim is to share with children their love of dogs, books and writing! Learn about their school visits, dog blog and book reviews by Michael and friends.

Find the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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