Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have


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Ten Book Related Problems I Have

1. I’m sure hours and hours spent devouring books is not doing my liver and kidneys any favors waiting to run to the bathroom because I just can’t give up even a minute to stop reading.

2. I forget to eat when I’m reading…like, all day.

3. I shut out everything and everyone when I read.

4. I used to stay up late into the night reading. Now, when insomnia strikes after I’ve woken up in the night, I pull the Kindle off the nightstand and am up until my alarm goes off. I don’t know which way is worse, but they both take their toll.

5. I get so attached to characters, especially ones who have something similar in common with me.

6. Series. I have serious issues with series. I just can’t take any more series.

7. Did I mention the hours and hours I can lose in a book? Who knows what I should really be doing with that time…paying bills…doing laundry…dishes…having a real meal…drinking water…

8. I’ll probably be in my PJs. All day.

9. I become a recluse when I read. I doubt my skin even sees the light of day unless it’s to take Baby out.

10. Baby is left to her own devices. I’m sure she thinks I’m the most boring owner ever.

What are your book problems?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. Is it wrong that I envy you for being able to lose yourself that much? My biggest fantasy right now is to spend all day in my PJs reading! I can see where it would be a problem with the whole not eating or drinking thing. I can definitely relate to the staying up late or insomnia reading. Especially with my Kindle it’s so great because I don’t even have to turn a light on. Thank goodness for good eye cream the next morning. And coffee!

    • Is it wrong to envy me? Probably not. In fact, for me (previously) it became an issue that I could so easily shut people out. They thought I was doing it intentionally and on purpose, but I just zone out completely. I don’t really have control over it until Baby or someone is literally in my face to get my attention! Now, I don’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings because it’s just Baby and me. That Kindle is so easy to whip out at nighttime! I LOVE that I don’t have to mess with lights that aren’t bright enough, are too bright, or aren’t reaching to where I am.

  2. I get really attached to characters too! And I agree, I lose myself for sure in reading. Mostly, I lose track of time and end up staying up wayyyyy too late! I usually spend all day in my PJs, but that is just general laziness, I do wish I could be reading all day in them! That’d be perfection! Great list 🙂

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