Thoughts on Thursday: Answers to Ask Me Anything!


You Asked! 

Last week I shared the ASK ME ANYTHING! post, which was inspired by a film promotion I saw over at Shooting Stars Mag for the newly released Ask Me Anything movie, in which a newly graduated high school student chronicles her life anonymously on a blog. The film creators were interested in sparking conversation about online identity, so I took part in Lauren’s encouragement to do so as well.

I left the field open to all of you to ask what you wanted – anything across the board about blogging, bloggy life, me, Baby, teaching, personal life.

Well, y’all sure did ask! So without any further mumbo jumbo….

And I’ve Answered!

Terri M., the Director @ Second Run Reviews asked… What inspires you?

I am inspired primarily by experiences, and my reflections about those experiences. I created a lot of writing and poetry during the toughest times of my life after thinking about my experiences or current situation.

I also get inspired by little things…my dog’s antics….my students’ comments and behaviors…those motivational and inspirational quotes…feelings I have about people, places or things….


Lauren @ Shooting Stars Mag asked… Out of all the books you’ve read, which one(s) would you have loved to have written yourself?

Oh, don’t put this on me, Lauren! I would have loved to have written Outlander and Looking for Alaska myself….and The Keeper of Dawn…and The Recipe Box…

I need to stop looking at my bookshelf.

I think the books I would choose for this question would be books that had a lasting and profound impact about life that has resonated deeply with me that I have carried through life since reading these particular books.


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