Thoughts on Thursday: Online Identity


How Do You Handle Your Online Identity? 

This post was inspired by a film promotion I saw over at Shooting Stars Mag for the newly released Ask Me Anything, in which a newly graduated high school student chronicles her life anonymously on a blog. The film creators are interested in sparking conversation about online identity, so to find out more you can visit the film’s Facebook page.

I’m actually going to be doing both posts that Lauren is suggesting because I think online identity is an important concept for us as bloggers, especially after lanotebooks-569121_1920st year’s blow up after the stalking incidents and successions of author and blogger commentary about it.

These are the questions that Lauren posed. I’m going to answer them and I also encourage you to answer them for yourself on your blog, or you can leave a comment below.


Do you use a pseudonym? Why or why not?

I started off using the username charliegirlteachergirl because I didn’t want to put too much of my real life on my book blog. I wanted it to be about the books, but when I comment on some blogs it automatically uses my Gmail identity and puts it out there anyway…and I’m too lazy to not let it. At first, yes it bothered me a bit. Now, it doesn’t.


Do you share personal details about your life? 

Do you share photos of yourself/friends/family?

Before 2014 I did not share much of anything personal about myself on the blog. I was even hesitant to put up a photo of myself on my About Me page.

Then I read a few posts about how getting to know a blogger was also an important element that could help or hurt your blog, and at the time I was really wanting to grow my blog, so when 2014 rolled around and I resumed blogging after my hiatus, I decided to take part in the 31 Day Blog Challenge and I shared many, many personal things about myself and my past as well as a boatload of photos.


Throughout the year I continued to share tidbits, especially in my Sunday Posts and monthly Chit Chat sessions. Now, though, after what has happened recently in my life I’m trying to reign it in a little on the blog. I have gone into a seclusion of sorts in real life, and I’ve kind of done the same on the blog regarding personal details. I really pushed my blog at one point to family and friends on both sides, and now after everything I don’t know who keeps up with it, and there’s nothing I can do to stop people subscribing and following and seeing what I share, so I’m limiting what I do in the real life realm of things until everything is on much more stable ground.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Online Identity

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I use my real name and I do give details that others might not about my life, but I do try and avoid using certain names, etc. I don’t post a ton of personal photos and I don’t share most friend names unless they have agreed.


  2. Great discussion question! I use my name when referring to myself and share some things about my personal life, but not in great detail and I don’t post a lot of pictures (that stuff is all boring anyway). The book blogging community is wonderful, but who knows who else is out there. Sometimes I see weird spam comments on other blogs and I wonder who the heck would take the time to write that or is just robots.

  3. It’s funny about how you tried to be anonymous, but then found that people were getting your real info with Gmail anyway. You really have to be careful if you’re trying to be completely anonymous. Sorry that recent personal issues have caused you some pain (and made it so you can’t share as much on your blog). I hope all of that gets sorted out very soon!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. I started blogging in 2008 and used a name I had been using on message boards for years, which was a bastardization of my own name. Now I am trying to be known by my real first name, as that seems what most bloggers use. When I set up my new gmail, I foolishly used my entire (long) name, which is a lot to type in when I first visit a blog. I am thinking about changing that, not to protect my privacy but to make my life easier!
    I used to share a lot on my blog, but now it’s mostly reviews and memes. I would like to do more discussion posts, which has brought me to the linky for the Discussion Post challenge. I think I will begin participating.
    I have an About Me and a section about being a cancer survivor if people are interested, but I haven’t done a post about my family in a long time. My sister didn’t want me posting pictures of her kids when they were younger, and now I’m kind of in the habit.

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