2015 Goodreads Challenge

1420062833-1420062833_goodreads_miscThis is my third year participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. The aim is to read a chosen number of books over 12 consecutive months. Last year I set a realistic goal for myself: to read one book per week, for a total of 52 books. I DOUBLED my goal and read 104!! Yes, I did a happy dance.

Even though I pushed myself last year, I am setting my goal at 70 books for 2015.

Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge

  1. Love’s First Flames by Ramona Flightner
  2. The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout
  3. Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander
  4. Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin
  5. It’s All Greek to Me by Jon Scieszka
  6. Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy by Lisa Cohn
  7. The Witching Elm by C.N. Crawford
  8. Billy Bobble Makes a Magical Wand by R.S. Mellette
  9. Tut, Tut by Jon Scieszka
  10. Just Pru by Anne Pfeffer
  11. The Wife Maker by Karey White
  12. Langston’s Daughters by Juliette Harper
  13. The Escape of Princess Madeline by Kristin Pulioff
  14. The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joy Usher
  15. This Heart of Mine by Brenda Novak
  16. Just Desserts by Emma Bennet
  17. All in a Jam by Rebecca Bielawski
  18. Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs by Susan Bernardo
  19. Allie’s Yellow Jacket by Claudia Brehse
  20. Voyage with the Vikings by Marianne Hering
  21. The Golden Peacock by S. Adler
  22. I am Good at Lots of Things by Jessica Arnold
  23. The True Princess by Angela Elwell Hunt
  24. Bear and Bunny Go to Dreamland by Emily Thomson
  25. I’ll Follow the Moon by Stephanie Lisa Tara
  26. Who’s Coming for Dinner, Little Hoo? by Brenda Ponnay
  27. Leo-Superhero: A Sunday Morning Adventure by The Brothers
  28. The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started by Sanjay Nambiar
  29. Alphabet Family Wedding by Karen Muldoon
  30. If You Found a Little Monster by Kally Mayer
  31. We’re Going to the Farm by Nancy Streza
  32. Owyn Owl’s Very First Winter by Pippin Post
  33. All the Baby Animals in the Woods by Emily Thomson
  34. Airplanes! by Jenny River
  35. Tinky and the Dragon by Susan Spira
  36. A Giraffe Called Ned by Elizabeth Purcell
  37. Maybe: A Little Zen for Little Ones by Sanjay Nambiar
  38. Danger at Come-Alive Cottage by Wendy Unsworth
  39. Princess Nell: The Best Ball Gown Ever by Deborah Bradley
  40. The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs. D.
  41. The Pirate and the Star by Michael Yu
  42. Boo and Doo and the Crazy Cloud by Michael Yu
  43. The Dragon Who Couldn’t Breathe Fire by Yonit Werber
  44. Petal’s First Winter by Joy Findlay
  45. Battle with the Bugs by Heather Manley
  46. My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables by Lily Lexington
  47. The Tale of Luna the Moth by Lily Lexington
  48. A Firefly Tale by Lily Lexington
  49. Grandma Skype by Carmella Levi
  50. Tommy Goes Trick or Treating by Emlyn Chand
  51. Because Dragons Love Milk by Marie Chow
  52. I Think It’s a Rock by Peter W. Collier
  53. Furmaid by Julia Dweck
  54. Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion by Nicoletta Costa
  55. There’s a Monster in the Dark by A.J. Cosmo
  56. Human Day by A.J. Cosmo
  57. Jump! by Julia Dweck
  58. Diego Dilemma in the Cookie Conundrum by Zachary Fallon
  59. Fred the Frog Finds a Friend by Courtney M. Jones
  60. The Day I Met Dr. Seuss by Anne Emerick
  61. Take the Dog Out! by Lynne Dempsey
  62. Bread N Butter: Private Rye by A.J. Cosmo
  63. Deadly Delicious by K.L. Kincy
  64. The Adventures of Two Little Duckings: There Is No Place Like Home by Elizabeth MacKenzie
  65. The Amazing Adventures and Unbelievable Family History of Whitney Wallace by Susan G. Charles
  66. Super Cowboy Rides by Darris Howard
  67. Puddly Penguin by Bryant Oden
  68. Kibble Talk by Cynthia Port
  69. Maisy and the Missing Mice by Elizabeth Woodrum
  70. Robin’s Reward by June McCrary Jacobs
  71. Molly Lee by Andrew Joyce
  72. Bing & Nero by I.L. Williams
  73. Treasured Secrets by Kendall Talbot
  74. Baxter’s Draw by Juliette Harper
  75. Alice’s Portrait by Juliette Harper
  76. Darkness Rising by Meryl Yourish
  77. Karmack by J.C. Whyte
  78. Rainy Day Poems by James McDonald
  79. The First Fight by Kara Loo & Jennifer Young
  80. Friends for Life by Bill Tiner
  81. A Scaly Tale by Kara Wilkins
  82. Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco by Julie Anne Grasso
  83. Citadel in the Sky by Chrysoula Tzavelas
  84. You Can’t Get Blood Out of Shag Carpet by Juliette Harper
  85. Hope in Every Rain Drop by Wesley Banks
  86. A Batter of Life and Death by Ellie Alexander
  87. A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker
  88. Teresa of the New World by Sharman Apt Russell
  89. Undaunted Love by Ramona Flightner
  90. The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak
  91. Family Magic by Patti Larsen
  92. Hush by Stacey Campbell
  93. Whisper by Stacey Campbell
  94. Silence by Stacey Campbell
  95. Scream by Stacey Campbell
  96. Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie
  97. I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter
  98. The Banished Craft by E.D.E.Bell
  99. The Secret Keeper by Angela Carling
  100. Ella the Slayer by A.W.Exley
  101. Striking Out by Scarlet Bennett
  102. Sucking in San Francisco by Jessica McBrayer
  103. Westly by Brian Beus
  104. A Rare Nativity by Sam Beeson
  105. Home and Away by Dean Hughes
  106. Clockwork Menagerie by Karen Kincy
  107. A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty
  108. Headstrong by Patrick Link
  109. Miss Price On and Off the Court by Judy Phillips
  110. Magelica’s Voyage by Louise Courey Nadeau
  111. The Rescue by Louise Courey Nadeau
  112. Dead Lies by Cybele Loening
  113. The Water Nymph by Michelle Jaffe
  114. Bread of the Dead by Ann Myers
  115. Lady Killer by Michelle Jaffe
  116. Secret Admirer by Michelle Jaffe
  117. Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle by Emlyn Chand
  118. The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder
  119. Treasured Lies by Kendall Talbot
  120. A Billionaire Brothers’ Christmas by Jenn Roseton
  121. The Lady and the Mountain Man by Misty M. Beller
  122. Sock Monster by Stacey R. Campbell
  123. Eros Element by Cecilia Dominic
  124. The Knights Before Christmas by Joan Holub
  125. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia
  126. Light Fantastique by Cecilia Dominic
  127. The Power of the Matchmaker by Karey White, et al.
  128. Eclair Goes Geocahcing by M. Weidenbenner
  129. The Ant Thief by Gita V. Reddy
  130. Bala Gala the Brave and Dangerous by Gita V. Reddy
  131. Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabatoge by Julie Anne Grasso
  132. Frankie Dupont and High Seas Heist by Julie Anne Grasso
  133. On Thin Icing by Ellie Alexander
  134. Level Up by Cathy Yardley

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