2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge


The Book Blog Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight.

The Challenge:  

Quit “meaning to” write those discussion posts – and actually do it!


A Note

  • You can join in any time. You don’t have to have a book blog.
  • Sign up here.
  • Link up your discussions each month. (MUST be book-related!)
  • Share and comment on others’ discussions!
  • Use the hashtag #LetsDiscuss2015

This challenge will run from January 1 to December 31, 2015. 

My Goal

Last year I started Thoughts on Thursday, which was my discussion post. I discovered that Thursdays typically were my empty day of the week, so it was perfect to slide in a discussion feature there seamlessly. I was doing pretty well with it…until school fully got underway. I had three good posts in August (about Goodreads, Minimizing and Tours), and one strong post in September (and two mediocre ones), one in October (the GIFs one!).

In five months I posted five true discussion posts. Basically one per month. Yes, it became a hassle, even with a log of ideas to write about. When I planned beforehand it wasn’t as stressful (and consequently as “oh well” when I didn’t post). I’ll start with my ideas from last year. This year my goal is to be a Creative Conversationalist (13 – 24 posts). This means 2 posts per month will get me fully to the upper end of my goal.

1. Why Do I Make Things Complicated? (1/8)

2. Online Identity (1/15)

3. ASK ME ANYTHING! (1/22)

4. Tags vs. Categories (2/5)

5. It All Began With… (2/19)

6. The Candy Book Tag (3/12)

7. Book Blow Out (3/19)

8. Etiquette When Responding to Authors (4/2)

9. Why I Stopped Reading YA (4/16)

10. How Do You Cull Your TBR? (5/7)

11. What is that JUNK in Your Synopsis (5/21)

12. Inside Out Tag (6/4)

13. Tour “3 or More” Review Stars (6/18)

14. Why I Love Romances (7/2)

15. The Art of Commenting (7/16)

16. My Shipshape Shelves (7/30)

17. Your Open Promotion Thread (8/6)

18. Review Policies (8/13)

19. Your Blog Post Recommendations (8/27)

20. Book Boyfriends (9/3)

21. Required Readings (9/17)

22. Review Archives (10/1)

23. Favorite Fall Fascinations (10/15)

24. Guest Post & Author Interviews (10/29)

25. Christmas Wish Lists (11/5)

26. Favorite Friendships (11/17)

27. Canva, Anyone? (12/9)

15 thoughts on “2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

    • Thank you, Nicole! I know I fizzled out on ToT not long after I got started on it. It’s so easy to put off those discussion posts! I’m really looking forward to this challenge and finding other great posts.

  1. Another one I discovered through you that I just joined. I so am horrible at planning discussion posts and never getting around to doing them. Joining this a bit late but not bad, will have fun participating in (hopefully) Good luck to you.

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