Review: A Kitten for Christmas

18857458Title: A Kitten for Christmas
Author: Elysa Hendricks
Release Date: September 2013
Length: 27 pages
Series?: no
Genre: Romance

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Two Christmases ago when Dani Martin lost her parents and fiance in a car accident she gave up on love.

Jackson Connor has finally realized his dream of owning a farm when he’s presented with the result of a one-night stand he had years ago – a son.

On Christmas Eve, a snow storm, a little boy, and a kitten bring together two lonely, damaged people.

***** Review *****

I was taken by surprise with this one! I thought it was a full-length novel, when in reality it’s a short story. Even with that being said, and it only being 27 pages – yes, 27! I double checked Goodreads and Amazon – the plot of the story (ahem, Dani and Jackson) progresses faster than you can say instalove.

I know, I know. We have all had many words about instalove, whether good or bad, and I remember vividly Nicole’s post about how there needs to be more the help the instalove along to make it feel more authentic.

A Kitten for Christmas did not have that. It was full-speed ahead with Jackson driving the train. I kind of felt like Dani was flailing around off the back of the caboose, hanging on with one arm and frantically trying to flag Jackson down.

There was no development, as Nicole talks about in her post. So this was kind of a let down of a read for me. It was sweet, but…lacking. :/


There were some moments of humor, thanks to six-year-old Travis…

“Travis Connor. I’m six. How old are you?” 

“It’s not polite to ask a lady her age, but if you promise to keep it a secret I’ll tell you.” 

At his eager nod, she leaned down and whispered in his ear. 


“What’s your dad’s name?” She led Travis into the office. 


She grinned. “What do other people call him?” 

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